Friday, April 3, 2009

Month in Review: March

March was a hugely significant month, in both good ways and bad. The good news in my gamerscore shot up by leaps and bounds... the bad news is I did such a number on my completion percentage that I've set Operation Jedi back so much that it'll take months to undo the damage (no joke...). I participated in a 30-day 360voice challenge over March, where I finished 3rd in a field of 72 people (and I rode the bench one of those weeks). Not too shabby, I think.

There wasn't too much movement up or down for the Hand of Thawn, as we're holding steady in 5th. With 2 weeks left, the goal is to try to shoot up to third. We'll see if it can happen.

April will have a fast start like March did, as I'm playing in weeks 7 and 8 of the league. However, I'm slowing way down as soon as the GSL ends. I have research to finish, an English capstone to complete, jobs to hunt for, and a thousand other things that require my attention. I've been pretty good at getting my work done, but I'll need to go into an overdrive the last half of April. I'm going to go back to playing games for fun and casually trying to get the points for a while. I don't expect the serious work of Operation Jedi to begin until at least June or July.

Reviews Written:
Resident Evil 5
Fallout 3: The Pitt

Reviews in April:
Monsters vs. Aliens others known at this time.

Blog Special Topics in March:
Resident Evil 5 SUPERPOST (It was a slow month for special topics, as I was busy going point-crazy. April will see more of them.)

Games Completed:
Sonic's UGC
Rapala Fishing Frenzy
The Maw (230)

...not nearly as many as I'd hoped for. =(

Gamerscore Progression:
March Start score: 77, 870
March end score: 93,215
Change: 15,345 (Total S rank for that, at least)

Completion % change: + 0.06% (from 60.95 to 61.10). So, technically, I inched millimeters closer to the goal, but in reality, I'm much worse off now, as the next stat will show.

Distance from Op. Jedi goal: 21,299 points (the gap has grown 3,399 points in the last 30 days. THAT is the damage I've been talking about. It'll take time to clear that up. As you can see, a lot of the quest for 200k will be cleaning up the mess I made hunting the first 100k)

Lead over x Ducky Dan x in race to 100k: 14,786 points at time of posting. (I've outscored him by 6,895 since my last M.I.R. posting). There's no doubt I'll win this race. Ducky has already admitted defeat. All that's left to do is cross the finish line to make it official.

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  1. Over 15k in one month? Kudos to you on such an effort. I haven't even done 5k in a month so colour me green with envy.