Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Aftermath

Yesterday's post was indeed an April Fools joke, as thankfully I was not hacked. I figured everyone is always on their guard on April 1st, and suspicious of everything, so what I did had to be pretty good to work. Instead of trying to get people to believe anything about an external source, I thought the best route to go would be to make it look like I was the victim.

So, I connected my trash tag to XBL, which was something I'd been meaning to do anyway, and it gave credibility to my story. I then went and edited my profile with the stereotypical BS that internet assholes like to sling at people. That was actually the hardest part, as I had to buck my natural inclinations for decent grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and create a different voice, so people wouldn't instantly assume it was me. As you'll see later, I still nearly gave myself away twice.

The setup in place, I wrote a blog post about how I got hacked, and how pissed off I was about it, trying to be convincing and not over the top.

Did it fool anyone? Well, site traffic tripled over the daily average, so people at least looked at it, even if they were hesitant to say anything. But yes, it fooled at least 2 people. Let's start with some comments from the Hand of Thrawn members, who were aware I'd be pulling shenanigans

Bishop x360a says (XBL): By the way, great bio.
and later (team forum): Thrawn I just read your blog and now know why your bio was like it was. I thought you did that just trying to be funny, so I myself missed out on the joke.

BL4CK SiLv4 says: funny and actually believeable

Sabre x360a commented to me in a party chat that he read my blog and was nearly convinced I had been hacked, until he went to and saw I'd sent him a message that same morning I claimed I was hacked. It was the message telling my teammates not to trust my blog that day, as I didn't want the team potentially disrupted by wondering if their captain got hacked.

Now, on to the people I know I fooled, which also happened to be the only two to post comments.

Bond x360a comments: That sucks dude, I'll be on this upcoming week, so I guess we can play through resident evil again, lol. Send Bond x360a a friend request.

...and later in the same minute: wait its an april fools joke isnt it, god damn it.

Well, you caught on, though not till after your first comment LOL. Don't feel bad though, my own brother is the person I managed to fool the most, as he was in complete belief that I was telling the truth. What's even funnier is I sent him a message on XBL telling him I was considering a joke... He obviously saw my blog first.

After reading my blog, my brother emailed my info on what I should do if I ever get hacked. Joking aside, I appreciate the info, and will keep it around in the event that such a terrible thing ever actually happens. It wasn't until later in the day, when he checked out and read my message, that he realized he'd been duped, and sent me a second email, which I'm reposting unedited below for everyone's enjoyment. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing the laugh:


P.S. That's what to do if you actually ever do get hacked...

P.P.S. Actually Nate, I must admit, that was INCREDIBLY well executed. You had me completely fooled. Going to the lengths you did with the alternate account, changing the bio....that was fucking excellent!!! So, yes, please laugh, you fooled the shit out of me. Happy April Fools!

But do understand my speediness in sending you what I did was only because of my love for you Lololollololololol!!!!!! Actually, it's kind of a good thing I bought into it, now people who read the comment I left (since I'm your bro) might freak out too. It's just vague enough to inspire a sense of mystery. Anyways, wish I had read the xbox live message you sent me yesterday rofl. Wow, you really fucking got me good.

I love you, Man. But....fuck! :) :) :) I just about had a heart attack for you. I SHOULD have fucking known it was you from the use of "asshat" and "omgroflmao" the latter of which is more or less a tribute to I SUCK.

You fat girlfrindless fuck with no lyfe, get outta yo momy's bacemetn


I got pooped on by a bird yesterday (seriously) and now this....

Still love you, but fucking sadistic madman you. I'm so proud!

Let me know how many (myself included) you fool. If I'm the only one, I'll be pissed, especially since you "warned me" (next year an e-mail....LOL)

But anyways, now you know what to do if you really do get hacked........(by me! Muah ahahauauhauhauha....sigh)

I do appreciate the concern, and its nice to know I can count on you for help if something shitty happens. The fact that I managed to fool you of all people gave me some major laughs (thanks for those too). I thought fooling you was impossible. That made my week. You're the best in the business, bro.

I hope everyone enjoyed April Fools! I'll have the month in review done... eventually. I'm also working up a post on the "Seven Deadly Sins of Achievement Whores" which I'm aiming to release on Sunday or Monday. It's both social commentary and self-critique.

BTW: Claiming to be hacked is a joke that only works ONCE. If I ever again claim to be hacked, its absolutely the truth. Crying wolf more than once is a bad idea.


  1. You bastage.

    But seriously... I'll admit I was fooled too, until I read the second comment from Bond. That said, I reserved commenting either way because I wasn't completely sure... so, nicely done. :)

    Hearkens back to the conversation we had a few weeks ago, if you remember...

  2. Yeah I remember. I still need to work on it. I'm lazy lol =/

  3. Lol, people are gonna think I cuss a lot, but it's alright,it's bro talk. :)

    I should have known, it seems so obvious. Why, if you were concerned about your tag, would you actually take time to blog about it instead of resolve the situation immediately and post a story later?

    I blame the fact that I had just awoken from a 90min power nap for my lapse of judgment; that and my brotherly desire to help.

    See if I help YOU with co-op...pffft. ;)

    Next time we play Gears with Silva and Derek, if this gets brought up, I'm feeding you to the bloodhounds. :)