Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Soaking up the Sun

Yesterday was Student Research Day, where I presented my research on MMOs, and over 200 other students had their posters on display, as well. It was a pretty packed arena that afternoon as students and professors looked at everything other people had done. Some projects were pretty surprising. My friend Tracy did a geography poster on a military analysis of terrain, based on the data from a real-life paintball game she participated in. She's awesome like that. I was seriously impressed.

Nate presents his research at Student Research Day.

In case you missed it, the link to download my research and read it yourself can be found in THIS POST.

With that day now over, my research is 100% behind me. No longer do I need to spend hours camped in the windowless research lab. I finished the harder of two story revisions for my English capstone, so I no longer need to spend hours at a keyboard (for the next few days, at least).

After a long weekend of rain and thunderstorms, the sun has returned at last. Much of the work off my shoulders, no more girlfriend anxieties, and now beautiful weather, I'm feeling as good as I have in months! Life is awesome! (I'm one of those people whose mood is fairly strongly influenced by the weather.)

So, before I settle in to an evening of trying to advance my second playthrough of Silent Hill, or playing more Gears with the Justice League (my random nickname for my frequent Gears partners), I'm going outside to get some reading homework done.

It's time to soak up that sunshine.


  1. The color scheme looks a LOT better on that poster than it did when I originally saw it on my laptop. I retract what I said earlier about it. Nice work and congrats again.

  2. I can agree that it does look better as a poster than on a monitor but my point does still stand.

    Nevertheless I was unaware if it's true purpose; that it was going to be put up as a poster and presented. With that baring in mind I can now understand why bright colours were used. :)

  3. Congrats on the Real Life Achievement!

  4. Nice. Gratz - I know you've been working on this for quite some time!
    On a sidenote, are you allowed outside? :P