Sunday, August 2, 2009

Month in Review: July 2009

It's been a long time since I had a month where I played so little. Due to the demands of job training, and being away at a Holiday Inn where I couldn't get on Live, I wasn't commonly seen on Xbox Live that month. I also spent a fair portion of the month combating a general gaming burnout, which I'm happy to say I'm over.

Due to work demands, gaming burnout, and technical difficulties, there wasn't much of note going on in this blog, either. I'll try to get a little more going on this month, but the blog won't be fully on track until the middle of september, when my 3-on, 3-off scheduling starts, and I have a lot more time to both game and write. In the mean time, I shall make every effort to preserve the quality you've come to expect here.

Reviews Written:
Tiger Woods '10

Blog Special Topics:
Tough Critic or a Softie?

Games Completed:
None.... =(

Gamerscore Progression:
July Start Score: 104,624
July End Score: 105,264
Change: 640 (that's actually not too bad considering how much time I spent playing Lost Odyssey)

So yeah, it wasn't an extremely impressive month, but settling into post-college life was naturally a nigher priority. This month promises to be more interesting, and I'm looking forward to the releases of Batman and Wolfenstein. Hopefully both will be excellent.


  1. I'm gonna post my special topic this week about how we don't need Twitter or Facebook on our 360. Mind if I use a few quotes from your Twitter rant in my post?