Thursday, August 13, 2009

31:21 Later, Achievement Unlocked At Last!

Lost Odyssey is one of the best RPGs on a system that is, thankfully, continuing to see some great support for the genre. The problem for me as an achievement whore, and one who had already played through most of the game before starting over, was just how long I've had to go without seeing any points for my efforts.

Over the last several weeks, I've been chipping away at this game, and I'm now exactly at the point where I stopped playing last time. This time, I have the advantage of stronger characters, better knowledge of the game, and a stronger desire to see the end of the story. I'm into disc 4, with most of the misc. side quests in the cities completed. I'm now grinding up my characters in Gongora's mansion, with the goal of getting them all close to or over level 52 (where the Mortals learn their last skills). At that point, I'm going to advance the story to just before the final boss, then go take out the side bosses and dungeons. The original goal was to have LO completed by Tuesday when Wolfenstein comes out, but I now realize that timeline was far too ambitious, and that completing this game is still probably going to take another 3-4 weeks minimum (considering my schedule and the need to play other things too).

Today, 31 hours and 21 minutes into my play of the game, I finally unlocked a new achievement for aceing the first class of Backyard battles. It was my first achievement in LO in nearly 18 months... That's a pretty decent delay!

Tomorrow, I have my FINAL day of job training, which is really just the graduation ceremony, so it's not like I'll be working all that much. I'm going to put my feet up when I get home, relax, and then go out and see District 9 tomorrow night. I really, really want to see that movie. I want to see that movie like seemingly every chic I know fawns over Twilight... MUST. SEE. NOW.

Saturday, I should be signing the lease on my apartment, and on Monday work begins for real in my Walmart. Interesting time are ahead folks!

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