Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Heart of the Empire

Fellow x360a review team member Waggly Bean brought it to my attention that point cards are region locked, so overseas people could not receive the prive for winning the banner contest. Thankfully, I realized I have a new, sealed, PAL copy of Sacred 2 to give away, so that will be the prize if the winner is from PAL territories.

Also note on banners that any colors are OK. I'll change the background of this blog to work with quality banners. I haven't seen any submissions yet, but the deadline isn't until September 4th, so there's still plenty of time.

I've basically completed my move to my new apartment, though I'll still be making trips back home for a while to grab more stuff. My power is set up, I've got renters insurance, and all that necessary but unexciting business. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get cable/internet in my place until September 4th, so I won't be on Live until then (though I can still get on the internet from the main office building). By Friday, I'm really going to be missing the party chats. I'll have some pictures of the place up when its in a more finished state.

When I'm not at work, I've been working like a demon to get Wolfenstein done so I can write the review, but I don't see it being done until next week due to work obligations. Thankfully, since my move is now complete, and I'm settling into a routine, this is the last time a review turnaround will be this slow on my end. It chafes my work ethic to take so long, but I just can't go faster right now.

That will due for an update for today. Blog posts will probably be infrequent until 9/4, when I hope to "relaunch" the blog and get back into things full-bore at last. This "transition period" is mostly over!

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