Thursday, August 20, 2009

Want to Win some Microsoft Points?

You could win 1600 microsoft points!

See, I need a sexier header graphic for this blog. Silva's header for his new blog is way sexier than mine (in his case, literally). Raptured Reality has a nice one. Majinfro's banner is, well... awesomesause. No false advertising in that banner. Mine looks like it was made by someone with absolutely no photo editing/Photoshop skills (it was). I'd like to retire it for something more styling. I want you to make me a banner! Here's the rules on how to win 1600 Microsoft points.

  1. Must include an image of Grand Admiral Thrawn (try google image search or Wookieepedia, or any other source you can think of)
  2. Must include full name of this blog (ThrawnOmega's Blog on the Gaming Life). You can be creative on fonts and text size. The whole title does not have to be the same size.
  3. Please include the established date (12/21/08) somewhere on the banner.
  4. This is probably obvious, but I'm looking for Star Wars themes.
  5. Artistic use of the Imperial logo for the "o" in ThrawnOmega is encouraged, but not required.
  6. You can give yourself named credit on the banner in an unobtrusive way.


  1. Deadline is NOON of Friday, September 4th.
  2. You may submit up to three (3) banners for consideration. Note that any banners submitted (including non-winners) can be used as the blog's banner from time to time, with the creator credited.
  3. ALL entries will be featured in a future post, so everyone's creativity can be showcased (unless I recieve inappropriate submissions, which would be excluded).
  4. On Saturday the 5th, I'll name the winner, and notify them via xbox live and email (please include your GT in submissions)
  5. Winner can have their 1600 points card mailed to them, or receive activation code over Live.
  6. Email entries to gillicnt {at} uwec {dot} edu, with "Banner Contest" as the subject.

Feel free to message me any questions. If the talent pool is really good, I may throw in some bonus prizes. Have fun and let that creativity flow!


  1. I could have sworn I posted on this....I'm so in ;)

  2. Cool Thrawn might dip my hand in for this!

  3. *cracks knuckles*

    Been a while since I did a banner. Time to get back in to shape... haha.