Monday, August 10, 2009

Review Snapshots (Coming Soon)

I know I've been AWOL a few days. Part of it was work, part of it was being out of town hanging out with friends. Now that I'm back, I though I'd announce a new feature I'm going to try rolling out, starting with my next review. It was actually supposed to start with Mothership Zeta, but Blogger decided to delete everything (and then instantly autosave so everything was gone). So, due to the nature of Review Snapshots, I couldn't honestly reconstruct it.

Review Snapshots are meant to give a play-by-play of my thought process and reactions as I move through the review process for a game. I'll have both off the cuff remarks on the game, as well as details on my review work. Since most of my notes are usually no more than 2-3 word fragments, I'll be expanding things to full sentences for the benefit of everyone who isn't me.

Review Snapshots will be poster AFTER a review has gone live, not before. The comments in them are off-the cuff comments before full consideration has been given, and the final review written. Therefore, there may be issues raised in the comments that are not included in the final review, or praise withheld, or any of 100 other things.

My hope is that this feature will provide some tiny insight into how a review process COULD work (I'm my method, but there others), add a little backstory to some reviews, and show just how hard I actually WORK to get those shiny reviews written. For example, Mothership Zeta took just over 7 hours to do (that includes everything... playing, writing, editing, coding, etc.). That's just for a DLC review you can read in all of 5 minutes.

For this feature to be successful, I will need your feedback. Let me know if notes are still to fragmentary (but know I'm only writing brief sentances at a time here, not paragraphs... these are NOTES). If you have things you'd like included in the snapshot features, let me know. If these end up boring you to tears and I shouldn't waste my time, let me know.

So, there was supposed to be one for Mothership Zeta, but rewriting "off the cuff" comments after the considered review is done would be cheating and inaccurate, so I can't do it. I have a feeling I'll be reviewing at least one more game before August is out, possibly Wolfenstein (since I'm buying it). I'd do Batman too, but I don't want to be a hog, and Jackanape is picking it up too. We all know that man can also write an excellent review.

Look for the Review Snapshot experiment to begin soon!

As for this blog, I have more ideas than I have time to implement them. Good things are coming. I promise. It may take another month for things to fully shake out and I have enough free time to implement them though. Stay tuned, my faithful readers! =P

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