Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glitches Can't Keep Me Down

Last night's goal of completing Fallout 3 was accomplished, though not without turmoil. The original plan was to blast through the Steelyard collecting my remaining ingots (turns out I needed 31) using video guides. Because YouTube was taking a century to load them, the plan had to change to the photo guide linked in x360a's achievement guide. At first, I wrote that guide off, as a quick glance at it led me to believe the pics and descriptions attached to them weren't sufficient to lead me around to get anything. I was totally wrong. That guide is really quite efficient, and I found everything no problem.

However, once it came time to go for the highest ingots, I ran into a problem. A roof that should have been solid would vanish under my feel, causing my character to fall to his death. I lost 20 minutes of progress when this first happened to me. Since I had figured out the ones I needed to get, I quickly regained my progress, and saved before the roof in question. Again, I fell to my death. Loading older saves didn't help, and neither did reloading the game or restarting my Xbox. I had very nearly thrown in the towel for the night when I decided to stop being stupid and check the incredible resource that is x360a to see if anyone else had ever seen this glitch. With issues of this magnitude, it's a safe bet that someone else has seen it before.

Apparently, my problem is a glitch others are experiencing as well, and seems to be caused by Point Lookout. How PL breaks rooftops in The Pitt I can't comprehend (I'm no code monkey), but several posters confirmed deleting PL fixes the issue. I didn't want to delete the content, but I can always redownload it later, and I'm not sure how much play Fallout will be getting after 1550 anyway. As advertised, deleting PL worked, and I was able to go my merry way getting the rest of the ingots, my well-deserved 20 points, and another completion for the big board. As my first completion in roughly two months, it felt like sweet victory.

In general, I'm having more fun with my gaming if I set specific goals for what I want to accomplish each night. If I hit that goal, then I get a sense of accomplishment, like unlocking an achievement without actually gaining points. For games like Lost Odyssey, where I'm over 27 hours in without unlocking a new achievement yet, that sense of progress and accomplishment is highly important. There will still be nights where I sit down and just play whatever, with no real direction, but I'm probably going to shift to more goal-driven gaming sessions. The "do whatever" nights will most likely be online multiplayer nights, where I'm just on to have fun (I'm always on the have fun, I mean I don't really expect to accomplish anything), or chasing general goals (like lvl 50 in Gears) in a very casual way.

Tonight's goal is to complete Disc 3 of Lost Odyssey. With the amount of time left in the day, that should be an extremely achievable goal. Once that's done, I'll see what time it is, and possibly do some skill grinding in LO, or try to unlock a few more cards in Magic: The Gathering. I'm still roughly 55 wins from having every card (and the unlock 100% achievement).

The Mothership Zeta Review has been posted, so go check it out! It's unfortunate that Fallout 3's 'final' DLC pack is also one of the least entertaining. I guess we were spoiled by Broken Steel and Point Lookout.

Hey, look at that! A full gaming update on a day I worked!

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