Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Puke in a Vending Machine (Seriously)

The Gears 2 double XP weekend has come and gone, and it was reasonably productive. I went from level 16 to 28, picking up somewhere around 100,000XP (can't remember exactly how much). Sadly, I'm still not even to half the XP I had when my rank reset, so the journey to return towards level 50 still has quite a ways to go. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the Dark Corners map pack. It's nice to have War Machine back, and Nowhere and Memorial are sweet. Highway is actually pretty cool, as you have to play tactical on it, and move around. I'm really not a fan of Allfathers Garden, and Way Station & Sanctuary are just so-so.

I've been busy as usual with work so far this week, with a major management meeting in Monday in Alexandria, then it was back to Elk River for more training here. Basically, I've put down 250 miles on my car for travel, but we get paid for travel time and miles, so it's all good.

I had the most random disgusting thing happen earlier today. I can't even make this up. I was getting the munchies, so I went to my floor's vending machine to get some pretzels. When I pulled them out of the machine, I noticed something one them... I kid you not, there was puke on my bag of pretzels. Someone physically got on their knees, opened up the bottom flap of the vending machine, and puked in the area where your food drops down. Why the f*** would someone do that? Carefully, I brought the pretzels to my room, washed off the bag, washed my hands, then yes, I ate the pretzels when I was sure everything was puke-free. That was seriously the dumbest thing ever.

With what free time I've had, I've been watching a fair amount of Dragonball GT, which I'm trying to finally see now that Funimation has released the series, like DBZ, in a more convenient Season format than the dumb old Saga format, where it was a pain in the ass to figure out which episodes come before or after others.

Since I have no Live access, I can't get cracking on reviewing Mothership Zeta for Fallout 3 until friday, but know that I'll be on that as soon as I possibly can. Lost Odyssey has had my attention again, as I try to work through disc 3. I forgot the love/hate relationship I have with disc 3. While a lot of cool and important things happen in the story during this disc, I don't like the dungeons, and I don't like that the characters are split up for the bulk of the disc. I'm looking forward to getting to the open-ended sections of disc 4 so I can get cranking on the achievements in earnest.

That's the story of the last few days. Have fun y'all!

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