Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tough Critic or a Softie?

I was wondering the other day on how I rate with review scoring. Am I tough, do I lob out a lot of high scores (unnecessarily inflated scored)? In terms of the content of reviews, I feel I really cover the bases, and do a good job of picking out the pros and cons of a game. Nobody has ever called me out on doing a bad job in that department, so I feel good about that. Different people will evaluate the same pros and cons differently, so I wanted to figure out roughly what my review average is.

For this, I'm ignoring my DLC reviews, which are rated on a different system, and have all been for Fallout 3, so that's not a good sample.

Game - Score

Afro Samurai - 75
Crash: Mind over Mutant -65
Dead Space - 92
Disney's Bolt - 50
Fallout 3 -96
Gears 2 - 93
Ghostbusters - 87
Monsters Vs. Aliens - 65
Onechanbara - 40
Resident Evil 5 -92
Rise of the Argonauts - 69
Sacred 2 -71
The Force Unleashed - 75
Stoked - 76
XXX -XX (Unreleased review that is factored into the average)
Velvet Assassin - 70
Warhammer Battle March -59

Highest Score: 96 (Fallout 3) *Named x360a's GOTY, so it's certainly not inflated =P
Lowest: 40 (Onechanbara)

Universal Average: 73.82 (Decent on the x360a scale)

That seems like a pretty fair average to me. Thoughts?

Oh, and 100 detective points if you can figure out what my next review to be posted will be, AND what score it is receiving, from this data. (jackanape can't play LOL)


  1. Tiger Woods 10 I thought? 74/100 score?

  2. Ill take a wild guess... Tiger Woods 10 with a score of 80/100?
    and personally I agree with your reviews a lot especially coming from someone who goes after Gamerscore as well... helps me determine which games i will enjoy and which ones I will not.

  3. Not letting me play is just unfair. I suspect my average would be decidedly lower, so either I'm extremely harsh or just end up reviewing all the crap games. You be the judges, ha ha!

  4. Xylofreak is correct. +100 detective points for him (or lucky guess points, or whatever) =)

  5. Nice Tiger review really enjoyed it :). You and jackanape are two of the better reviewers I've read on x360a. Of course that may be bias because the two of you review mostly games I play, own or am likely to get. Enjoy them though!

    For anyone who reads my blog btw(cause most of you read Thrawn's) I've been having a little re-adjustment to it over the last week or so hence it being down, it will be back up in the next few days.