Thursday, July 2, 2009

EPIC reads my blog...

... to look for the weekends where I'll be busy with more important things, and those are the days the pencil in Double XP weekends. Last time it was college graduation, this time I'm going back to Eau Claire to see my friends for the first time SINCE graduation. Gears isn't even on my radar this weekend. I'll play some later today to get as much XP as I can (maybe a late-night Guardian session), but that will be it. I'm going to try once more for level 50, but I'm probably going to call it quits at that.

Going forward, I'm going to be trying to divide my leisure time more equally between reading books and playing games. Like my large backlog of games I want to finish, there's a significant book catalogue I'd like to chew my way through, including a whole lot of Star Wars.

I'm debating what to work on for points right now. I should probably pick up Infinite Undiscovery and Sacred 2 again soon, before those two RPGs collect too much dust. I also have Prince of Persia from gamefly, that I want to play for fun more than points, and Tiger '10. I'm really not getting anything done lately, and it's annoying. I need to feel like I'm making SOME progress, at least.

I'm off to deposit a couple checks at the bank while I still can, and then I'll be back to settle into a huge gaming marathon before I head off to Eau Claire tomorrow.

BTW, is Gears 2 Title Update 4 live yet?

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