Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost Odyssey Reboot

Note to the few of you who have been on me before about the Jurassic Park post. I've just finished re-reading Jurassic Park and The Lost World, and that post is now going to be posts (plural). I'll have those posts up sometime in the next week. I'm too busy with other things to wrap that up today, but it's on my to-do list when I have some more open writing time.

This week, I'm planning on devoting most of my time to three games, none of which I'm likely to finish due to the time committment required. Those games would be Magic: The Gathering, Sacred 2, and Lost Odyssey.

Magic: The Gathering is one of my favorite games of all time (the card game, not this specific arcade game, though it's a good adaptation). I love the level of strategy involved. I just hate how damn expensive the cards are, compared to the actual amount of use I get from them. It drives me nuts that I can have decks with a vastly superior strategy and lose to kids who have nothing but disposable income to blow on rares. That's why, if you know anything about Magic tournaments, I'll only play in Sealed events any more. In those game types, where monetary investment is equal, I absolutely dominate, since superior strategy will win out almost every time.

In the arcade game, the playing field is even. All players have access to the same decks and cards, making it fun for me to play. I've enjoyed every minute of it, minus some jerks on Live. Of course, it's hardly a quick 200. To unlock cards for decks, players need to win matches in the single player campaign mode, earning one card per win. Each deck has 15-17 cards to win. I can't remember exactly how many decks there are, but basically, players need to win 130+ games to unlock every card for every deck. It's time consuming! Since I truly enjoy the game, I've had no problem playing dozens of games to unlock cards. The game feels intense and yet casual at the same time. If I unlock a dozen or so cards this week, that'll be good enough for me.

In Sacred 2, I'd like to advance my Shadow Warrior play, and maybe finish the evil campaign. If I play my Seraphim, I'll be mostly doing some of the many sidequests, and looking for locations and such for achievements.

Lost Odyssey represents the major undertaking I'm trying to get into. I've decided to simple start the game over. In my old play, I forgot to steal an accessory from a boss, which has to be stolen from that boss to have every accessory. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to get the achievements for giving the Immortals every skill. Rather that sinking in dozens more hours and not being able to 100% the game anyway, I decided to just start over. I was on disc 4, and I really don't remember a whole lot of the story anyway, so it'll be nice to go through the story again and see everything. If I can 1100 this game, it will be the most impressive competion on my card.

Infinite Undiscovery can sit for a while more... Compulsive is a horrible achievement and not at all fun to go after... I just haven't been in the mood to hunt down 300+ remaining items.

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  1. I am almost done with Infinite Undiscovery and I am getting really tired of the Compulsive cheevo. The only thing that keeps me going on it is the fact that I am going to gain some major points on Then I can catchup or even pass ChronicMoon.