Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gears All Nightmare Long

Yes, I just stole the title of a Metallica song. I'll be playing Gears 2 all weekend long to reap maximum XP for playing on Dark Corners maps, and it will be a nightmare. Maybe if I play enough, I can undo a lot of the damage done to me when my flipping level 44 rank reset. Right now, my game plan is to get as close to level 50 as I can, and go back for the horde achievements after double XP ends.

When I hit 50, I'm pretty much done with this game. I may speed run through the campaign on casual so I can get to the end where it's easy to speed kill for Seriously 2.0, and periodically no-life kills on that for a while.

Simeday, maybe, I'll go for level 100, but I'll do it by boosting this game with several other people, years from now, when nobody else is playing it anymore. For now, it's really done at 50.

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