Saturday, July 25, 2009

Insert Disc 3

Once again, stupid technical issues mar the release of the Jurassic Park posts. I can't copy/paste them on my computer (browser crashed every time), and now my parents PCs Microsoft Word wants to download a converter to open a .DOC FILE! WTF? I'm too irritated to bother with it right now. Parts 1&2 (which will upload together) are done, part 3 is pretty far along, and I have not yet started part 4. Someday those posts will grace this blog, I swear it.

@ Keller: I'm in town on Monday if you want to hang out and give me my book back then =P

So, tonight I have to work an overnight (10pm to 7am) as part of my training, which is going to be pretty brutal for me physically. I slept in and did everything I could to prepare, but tonight is going to be a looooong night. Then, on Sunday, I drive home at the end of my shift, crash for 4-5 hours, then go BACK to Hutchinson to look at an apartment complex, since Sunday afternoon they had openings. The good news is the place I'm looking at is the best place in town, according to everyone I ask. I'm looking at $595 a month for the first year ($615/month after) for a 740 square foot apartment (1 bed, 1 bath). The building has a pool, fittness center, and computer lab included. If the place lives up to the word-of-mouth and what I've read on the internet, I'll hopefully be signing on to move in in September.

I've been killing my day by relaxing and trying to conserve energy. In Lost Odyssey, I just made it to the start of Disc 3. Over 18 hours in, and no achievements yet. Such is life when you're trying to go back and replay a JRPG so you can complete it. I also cleared another chapter of the story of Mirrors Edge last night, but that's about it.

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