Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Feel the Itch Returning...


A few houskeeping notes for my readership:

First, the Tiger Woods '10 review is now up on x360a. As Xylofreak correctly guessed yesterday, I gave it an 80 (of course, you should read the actual text and all =P)

Second, today was supposed to be the launch of the Jurassic Park post series, but whenever I try to copy text from a word processor and paste it, my browser crashes (did for both IE and Firefox). So, I'm going to have to email it to myself and post it from my parents PC this weekend. Annoying. Anyone know what might be causing this problem?

Third, tension headaches suck hardcore. I had to return to the hotel after 2 hours at Walmart today because I felt like I'd been shot just above my left eye. I couldn't think, I felt dizzy when I closed my eyes, and I thought for a while I'd puke (I didn't, thankfully). After 4 hours of sleep and plenty of Advil, I'm OK, though I still feel a little pressure in my head.

Fourth, I've been at it a while, but I thought I'd formally announce I'm in another long-term achievement race, though this one is more joking that serious. Basically, I need to reach 200k before an XBL friend of mine, The Anchor X, hits 100k. His gamerscore is 5,770. Frankly, I'll hit probably be around 350-400k by the time he hits 100k (for several reasons), but it's fun to joke and laugh about. Now, hitting 200k before he hits 20k might be a race LOL =P

Fifth, I added a few new features at the bottom of this blog (which I wouldn't blame you for not seeing). One is the combined Silent Assassins / Hand of Thrawn Leaderboard, showing our general awesomeness. Clicking it redirects to MGC, where you can see us individually and our scores. Silva reigns supreme, and I'll probably pass Derek and Buck in the not-too-distant future. There's also a release calander of upcoming titles, which is nice, since I always forget what is on the horizon.


Lately I've been feeling a particular itch start acting up. Thankfully its nothing I'll need pills or a creme for. I'm talking, of course, about the gamerscore itch. Since breaking 100k, my progress has slowed up, as I've made an effort to work my back catalogue (haven't done too well on that front) and make progress in more challenging games to complete. While I still want to pursue those goals, I'm jonesing to see that "Achievement Unlocked" pop up on my screen again, as I don't think I've unlocked any points for at least 2 weeks!

In my mind, I'm seeing the GSL calibur list grow longer, with the Terminators and the Ice Ages or Harry Potters of the world begging to get thrown on the card. I want points, and yet at the same time I really want to save everything I possibly can for another GSL, or at least a compelling gamerscore challenge (neither of which I currently have time for anyway until I settle into a regular routine with Wal-Mart, and that'll probably take 1-2 more months). The trash-talking and social interaction of GSLs is even better than the point windfall. Hopefully in the future I can again lead a team as awesome as the Hand of Thrawn. Even if we don't win, you could count on us to be near the top, and a class act the whole way, exactly as we were during GSL 7. First slots are reserved for committed members of my past GSL teams, so let me know if you're interested. (Geez there's no announcement and it sounds like I'm already planning for one... Gotta stop that line of thought there...)

So, I'm at a bit of a loss on how to have the best of both worlds. I plan to continue dedicating weekends to Lost Odyssey, since that's when I have the most time to put my feet up and enjoy it, leaving any achievement exploits for weekdays. Adding new games to my card won't make my backlog any smaller either. Ah, the stupid "torments" I put myself through.

To give an indicator of my condition, I almost purchased Ice Age from the local Best Buy here when I saw they were selling them for $25 new. And yes, I would even play it with witnesses...

NOTE: The first game with Thrawn night will be on Friday from 8 to 10pm CST, with the game being Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (my favorite online shooter, BTW). Shoot me a message if you're interested, so I can guage how many to expect. All are welcome. I will accept any new friend requests a little before the event starts, and remove them once the event has concluded. I'm all for playing with people, but as I've said before, I like to keep my list private, so don't take offense if we play and I remove you after. Don't read anything personal in it at all.

In the future I may have a a Game with Thrawn session on one of my days off at an hour that is more accomidating to readers in Europe, but I'm not going to be able to do that this week. Stay tuned!

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