Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bioshock Blitz

I enjoy Bioshock 2's multiplayer, but the community of people who play it has already shrunk to the extent that it can be hard to get a full room of six people together. Realizing this, I'm making a concentrated effort to reach rank 40 before the only way to do so is rope at least six people together for a boosting session. Therefore, every night (except the nights HOTBA boosts BlackSite) I will be playing Bioshock's multiplayer until I hit rank 40. Anyone who wants to play with me along the way is welcome to. The more the merrier; it'll be more fun, and we'll fill rooms up more quickly (yay for less waiting!!!)

Last night was a dominating night. I played with my bro, a friend of his, and Marx0r, and we just creamed everyone. We won 10 games of Capture the Sister, lost NONE, and only tied once. We outcaptured our opponents about 25-30 captures to 1 (ONE!) over the course of the night. It was epic.

Today can be considered Night 2 in the Quest for Rank 40. When the Quest began, I was rank 26. Tonight I play without the benefit of friends, so the Adam isn't as good, not is it as much fun. Capture the Sister remains the mode of choise, because it's the most fun and I seem to make the most Adam in it. The Bionik Kommando Effect is in full play tonight - that is, I just can't seem to win a game without him in the party... Oh, and randoms never talk, so I haven't even bothered to don the headset.

End of Night 2-
Rank: 29

97,000 Adam needed for Rank 40.

Tomorrow HOTBA starts BlackSite boosting, and it looks to be our most well attended event yet. I'll have the report on how well we do as it happens.

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