Friday, March 12, 2010

Things I Learned Boosting Fracture

Boosting can be great times. Random conversations to pass the boredom are the best. You learn interesting things with the people you boost with. Here's some of the things I learned while boosting Fracture:

(note: I'll take this post down if the parties mentioned object to it)

Sabre wakes up at 5am almost every morning for drills/execrises. I won't copy all the details, but Sabre is a real life badass lol. Don't think otherwise. =P

Sabre makes his wife mow the lawn.

Wisconsin has more bars than grocery stores. They probably drink more than anyone else too.

Silva has no idea what people do on a daily basis in states that aren't New York or California. Seriously, it's sorta hilarious =P Apparently, New Yorkers live in their own little world.

We debated what is more pathetic, making the world's longest gum wrapper chain, or grown men boosting achievements. Considering the wrapper chain is 12 miles long and was started over 30 years ago, we feel Mr. Gum Wrapper wins.

A prom in Mississippi was cancelled because a lesbain girl wanted to go with her partner. (My brother relayed this bit of news)

Russian hackers jam traffic with porn video: reports
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Drivers in the Russian capital, Moscow, were given an unexpected show courtesy of a 30-by-20 foot electronic highway billboard when an explicit pornographic video was played for nearly twenty minutes in place of the paid advertisement clips that are usually shown. The incident happened near the entrance into Serpukovskiy tunnel on Sadovoe Ring Road, about 2 kilometers south of the Kremlin.

"Within three minutes we found it out, and within fifteen minutes the screen was shut off," the deputy head of the Moscow city advertising committee, Alexander Menchuk, said in a statement to Interfax. A passerby told the Associated Press that she was "so shocked that I couldn't even shoot video or take a picture of it."

The display screen's owner, the Three Stars Advertising Agency of, said that computer hackers attempting to execute a practical joke were likely to blame. Viktor Laptev, commercial director for the firm said, "They were either acting out of hooliganism or were from a rival company."

Although a city official has been quoted as telling local media that Moscow would increase security of data transmission in light of what happened, local police say they have yet to receive a single complaint about the incident, and thereby have not opened an investigation. Nudity on television is officially banned in Russia.

Information from: Wikinews,

Silva lost his socks. He didn't want to go find another pair. His level of frustration was hilarious.

Another bizarre story for you:

Woman charged in breast milk assault on jailer
Sun Mar 7, 1:04 pm ET
OWENSBORO, Ky. – A woman in jail for public intoxication was accused of assaulting a jailer by squirting breast milk at her. WYMT-TV reported that a 31-year-old woman was arrested Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. But as she was changing into an inmate uniform, she squirted breast milk into the face of a female deputy who was with her.

The woman now faces a felony charge of third degree assault on a police officer. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Olympic organizers have been providing free condoms to athletes since the Barcelona Olympics of 1992.

Apparently a hybrid mixture of Bud Lite Lime and Red Bull is amazing.

Thrawn ran out of Bacardi Razz.

Bishop doesn't care about Tim Tebow after he's left Florida.

Minnesota has hockey. WIN. (duh)

Like Thrawn, Silva works on salary. Unfortunately for Silva, he seems to be getting abused for that more often.

A man set himself on fire because he was smoking while using gasoline as a cleaning agent. He was from WISCONSIN lol. is a great site to read from to everyone during a boosting session. Great way generate group lolz.

Thrawn really doesn't like staying up past his bed time to boost when he has a 12 hour shift the next morning...

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  1. Interesting facts there. I shall remember the url of that site for future boosting sessions of my own, thanks to passing the info on to a fellow gamer lol.