Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blacksite Boosting Script

So, I thought I'd write up a game plan for how I plan on running our blacksite boosting, and this could also be used as a template for any other groups who run it. This way, everyone's on the same page on what we're doing, and will have something to refer back to.

Thursday, April 1st, 8:30pm CST, we'll form one Live party, but two boosting teams. Keeping rooms to the minimum of 4 in two sessions will help us move through faster.

Team Thrawn:
Sabre x360a

Team Bishop:


Molneze will go into a group to fill a spot if someone does not show, or be added to Team Bishop if attendance is perfect. (Assuming, of course, he joins and participates, which is still pending). If we have less than 8, we all play as 1 session, it'll just take TWICE as long (hence my emphasis on attendance).

Team leaders will host a ranked deathmatch, which their squad will join. Team leader wins the game. Leader will unlock Home FIeld Advantage and Always Remember Your First. Everyone will unlock Boot Camp and I fear the Reaper. Then we go down the list, with the next person hosting and winning until everyone has done it and unlocked Homefield and Remember your First.

If you are winning, try to get 20 kills without dying for Skulls of the Vanquished.

By the time this rotation has finished, everyone will have Exposed and Blacksite Virus Carrier (the original host will get this last one on the next rotation).

Next, we will rotate in the same order (but one stable host) through every other game type, with people winning a match of each type in the order listed. This will get everyone the achievements for completing a match of each type, culminating in the King of the Block achievement (everyone winning on every type).

At this point, we will pair off into player matches to boost 50 flag captures a person.

Last, teams will reform for 4 vs. 4 Team Deathmatch, trading wins until we all hit 50 wins for Vae Victus. There you go, we just got 425 achievement points!

I encourage people whose turn it is to win to work on kills with any gun but the Assault Rilfe (very easy to work on during campaign) to make progress on "Look on my Works and Despair"

This won't happen in one night, but this is the game plan for how I see us running through Blacksite. Questions?


  1. Have you talked to blind Thrawn? he has not been too any boosting sessions since we ended Wolfenstein.

  2. Actually, the easiest way to boost for wins is in CTF - as three captures ends the game, making it a quick and painless experience. It will also mean you can do flag captures AND wins at the same time.

    Well, that's how we did it anyway. The first part sounds good though, as I had to get all my gametype wins etc legit, the horror.