Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boosting Alliance Expanding

The Hand of Thrawn Boosting Alliance is throwing out feelers for another few members. If you're a good guy or gal who can do your part in our boosting sessions, is willing to boost one game a month (choosen on a rotating basis by group members), and will demonstrate good attendance to our sessions, you're welcome to join. We're looking to get more regular in our boosting times, though there can still be impromptu sessions.

In joining this group, you agree to help the group boost the game we've chosen, even if you have already done it before. The group will allow individuals to opt out of a game they've already done if there are enough people doing it that we can complete it without them. For example, I got a pass on Frontlines because Silva had enough people to run it without me. If they had needed me, I'd have picked up the game, even though I would not be gaining any points.

I should note we're all currently US based. Gamers outside North American timezones may be considered if they're able to boost within our time frames.

Any new members we recruit are in on a temporary basis to see how they do before assuming a permanent role in thr group. If you're interested, let me know by comment or Xbox Live message. We'd be happy to have a couple more cool people join our ranks.

Serious applicants should know April's game is Blacksite: Area 51, and our first session of that will be on April 1st.

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  1. I've always been interested but I know time zone differences could be a pain in the backside. It's quite a commitment this by the sounds of things so I know personally I'd want to know 100% sure myself that I'm up for it before raising my hand and calling in right now.

    Glad to see it's still working well for you guys by the way :)