Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Train of Thought

Here we go again folks. I enjoyed the last post, so I'm going at it again. It's been an interesting 3-day off stretch so far, that's for certain. Went to get my taxes done on Tuesday... which took forever. Problem was, I had to file a Wisconsin return for some of the grant work I did there. I came out as neutral. I get no money from them, they get nothing from me. Yet when the paperwork printed, it said I owed WI the obsurd sum of $650, which made absolutely no sense. They got that fixed, but I had to wander around for over an hour and a half before that was done.

The tax return is going to be good. Good enough that I purchased Metro 2033 without feeling guilty about it. I'll be reviewing the game once I finish it. At this point, I'm not far enough in to offer any reasonable opinion on how good or bad the game is.

I'm also shopping around for LED TVs and new sound systems. Let's just say I'm smelling some significant upgrades on the horizon.

Tuesday night, I had my friend Tim over, and we went and saw Green Zone. It's not as awesome as the commercials hype it to be, but it's still a pretty good movie. It's worth seeing in theaters or renting, though I probably wouldn't buy the DVD.

We've also been doing something my brother and I used to do in the pre-internet gaming days, and back when few games had worthwile coop. What we'd do is take a single player game and keep seapping back and forth who plays it. We decided to play some Black Site: Area 5q, since it'd be a surprise to both of us what happens. Since we're not paying attention to the collectables guide, I'll have to play through a second time, but I don't really mind that. The game is much better than Turning Point or Fracture, the last games HOTBA have worked. I'm kind of interested to see who will be the first in our rotation to pick a game to boost that ISN'T a shooter LOL.

The "games I'm working" list is starting to get insane. Here's the list of games I'm honestly consider myself currently working on:

-Black Site
-Deadly Premonition
-Metro 2033
-Phantasy Star Universe
-Perfect Dark

On the backburner, but not forgotten:
-Bioshock 2

That's right. Heaven help me, I'm trying to juggle NINE games at once. If I don't complete a couple of these soon, things are really going to get out of hand. PSU and Deadly Premonition are easy enough to do, I just need to put the time in. Black Site will work itself out. I'm not worried about that one. Metro and FFXIII are really new additions, so those will take some time, as will Fracture. I'm still on pace for Bronze this year, with three completions and we're in the 3rd month of 2010. However, if I want to do any better than a lowly bronze, I need to get my game on.

I might, MIGHT have a slight break in April, as there doesn't seem to be much coming that month that I can't wait to pluck from the bargain bin. May seems heavy though, if GameStop's release dates for Prince of Persia, Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, and Red Dead Redemption are accurate...


  1. No games in April? Splinter Cell: Conviction comes out April 13th. You have to want to play that game?

  2. Heh - I'm at 16 completions so far this year, so I'm on my way to Silver, WOO HOO!!!

    Do I get an actual medal?