Monday, March 15, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

SCAVENGER HUNT: You have found the original post I wrote with absolutely no prior plan. As per the clue, the third clue number is 3.

CLUE #4: You will find the next number in the post where I show that I'm not immune to the problem that has faced so many Xbox owners.

This is probably a bad idea. I sit here boosting with the usual crew after a long and frankly terrible day at work. Everyone has bad days from time to time... well this one was particularly crappy, so the usual stupid banter of the group (and making fun of Silva) was a welcome change of pace. I've been in the session for over two hours now, and we've logged less than 100 matches while I've been here. Seriously, 1500 games is going to take forever. I could probably read through Atlas Shrugged before we're done, if I started now (1000+ pages, small type, dense philosophy).

As we go, I thought I'd blog about something, but no topic came to mind, and I'm too tired to really research anything. Instead, I'm going Stream of Consciousness and writing as thoughts come to me. The text scrolling across the page reading as close to my spoken style of voice as you're likely to get without chilling with me in a party chat. Maybe something interesting will come from this, maybe people will read to this point and simply stop. Bonus points for whoever follows along to the end, I guess. Let's call it an experiment. What we're testing and what the point is I do now know, so the "journey" is a surprise to all of us.

Since this is a gaming blog, I guess I should at least try to focus my thoughts on gaming. So, allow me to start with the dudes I spend so much time gaming with. I must say that while I'll probably not do another Gamerscore League (seriously Bishop), I'm greatful for the ones I did. Without 6, I wouldn't have found Silva, Ducky, Buck, or Derek (Ducky and Buck have been very MIA of late). Without 7, I would not have been introduced to Sabre or Dark, or had the opportunity to game with Bishop (I already kind of knew who he was). It's fantastic to have found some people who not only had the right attitude and approach to a competition that can send people into unbelievable fits of nerd rage, but are also a blast to chill with both when hunting for points and when playing for fun. I hope most of us are in for some Perfect Dark XBLA action, probably on Thursday (I'm going to try to go out and be social on St. Patty's... a shocker I know).

I can't wait for the rerelease of PD. The original was a freaking classic, but it's practically unplayable in the modern age of dual sticks. I'm looking forward to modern shooting controls and a stable framerate. Oh, and fragging Silva's ass with the Laptop Gun. Repeatedly. I fondly remember group cooperative matches where we faced off against hordes of bots, either for the joy of slaughter or to see how long we could hold out against tough competition. I remember the campaign fondly, but this purchase will be strongly motivated by the desire for some old-school multiplayer action.

The other purchase I think I'll make (though I'm not sure) is Metro 2033 tomorrow. I need to get back in the review game, after not completing anything for General Knoxx (I just haven't been able to get together with my bro enough to complete it in a timely fashion), and I've been dragging ass on Deadly Premonition (minor game and it is quite bad), so I think I need to buckle down and push out a review that shows I've still got it. Not that anyone has actually doubted, but I'm feeling rusty and that doesn't jive with the high standards I set for myself in every writing endeavor (except this blog post). Metro 2033 is largely and unknown entity to me. The one review I read, from a website whose reputation I don't put too much stock in (and the review wasn't that well written... the cliche "story" introduction rubbed me worst of all) said it's awesomely moody, but the shooting isn't that great. Compairing the game in relation to know heavyweights like Bioshock and Halflife helped me imagine the gameplay, but that review spent a little too much time on comparison for my taste. For an engaging story and immersive setting, I'm more than willing to forgive some so-so shooting action, so we'll see. I'm getting my taxes done tomorrow, so my purchase decision may be influenced in part by the size of my return.

Of course, adding Metro 2033 means yet another incomplete game on my tag. I've given up completion percentage; that has not changed, but I want to do well in my medaling challenge for the year. There are several games I'm within striking distance of completing, and actually want to play, but they're falling unintentionally onto the backburner as new stuff comes out. I need to kill Dark Falz 2 (help needed) in PSU for that chore of a completion. I need to run through Bioshock 2 on easy to pick up a few missing achievements, and play the multiplayer some more. Deadly Premonition I need to speedrun on Normal and then again on Easy and that 1k is on ice. With Borderlands, I just need to find a day where my bro and I are both free and play the hell out of it. Of course, I'm also working on Fracture with the HOTBA, and FFXIII because I want to, and it falls under J-Quest. Plus, my bro, the cheeky bastard, doesn't think I can finish FFXIII before FFXIV comes out. =) I know my reputation with JRPGs isn't legendary, but COME ON. Given Square Enix's development time on the last few, you're basically wagering that it will take me at least 5 years to finish the game. I think not.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: COmpleted 250 multiplayer games in Fracture

Still reading? Your one dedicated blog reader! I'd kind of like to have another contest of some sort for my blog readers, though I'm not sure what kind of contest it would be or what the prize should be. As Silva can attest, I deliver my prizes. He didn't think I was serious about that 1600 microsoft points for the Banner Contest a while back. Oh! I know! Perhaps a design your own achievement list contest? That could be fun. I need to think of rules and a prize though... we'll see.

If you haven't, go check out the blogs of Dark, Bishop, and Sabre (and Silva when he decides to update). They all need to post more often lol =P Each feels like a developing blog, where they haven't quite hit on the head what they want to do with it, but each is innovating and trying something new achieve a new and more solid identity. I look forward to seeing what they try and the results it brings them.

This blog innovated for a while, but I have to admit I've stalled lately. Content is still fairly consistent, and I take great pride in that (over 200 posts and counting), but I haven't delivered much for what I consider "heavy hitting" posts of late. It's been a while since I did any special topics, longer still since I wrote a serious editorial piece. Segments like "ThrawnOmega Predicts the Future" are sure to continue, and I absolutely love the video blogs. So far, the reception on those seems to be good, but I haven't heard that much about them one way or the other. They take about 10x as long to do as a simply types post, but they are quite fun to do. Over the coming months, I definitely want to look into some more serious posts to sprinkle in amongst the common "here's what I'm doing in the world of achievements posts." While the common posts are good, and the meat of this blog, I think the other stuff is what helps this blog stand out and keep it unique. Any suggestions on what you think of the blog or what you'd like to see more of would be appreciated, if you have any thoughts.

Oh, and while my 300th post is still 77 posts away, I'll go ahead and say this now: It's going to be EPIC. It will also likely be rather lengthy (like the post you still seem to be reading), so go into it fully prepared to spend a fair amount of time on the blog on that particular day.

Bishop, if you've read this far, I like the wierd news/story idea. The more bizarre, outlandish, or obsure, the better =P I'm amazed Webb responded back about the interview... he never returns my PMs LOL! (Well, he does return the review related ones ^-^)

Sabre, if you're reading this, your blog is called "Sabre x360a Military Gamer." If you're cool with it, I'd love to hear more about your military experiences, current or past experiences. Combat or day to day routines. It's one thing you could use to help your blog stand out and be unique if you decide to expand your audience. You know things most of the gaming community does not. The military aspect seemed important enough for you to make it part of the title of your blog, so why not use it more?

Dark, I have a crazy notion for you. Fancy catching a Twins game at Target Field sometime this season? We actually live in the same state, so meeting in person isn't out of the question. I've love to share a beer or two with Sabre, Silva, and Bishop (we'll make him a 'McLovin' ID), but I don't think I'll be stopping by Texas, New York, of Louisiana any time soon. Us catching a Twins game is totally withing the realm of plausability, if we plan for it. Let me know if you'd be interested.

All right, I'm calling this quits for tonight. I feel like I've been typing FOREVER.


  1. Perfect Dark action Thursday night? I'm so in.

    As for my weird news story idea, I'm still considering it. I think I might just do one a month and have it be the weirdest news story of the month kind of thing.

    Personally I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. This should be a regular blog post, especially if we're boosting games and nobody is talking. :]

  2. That was quite long but it was still an enjoyable read. I look forward to what you have to give in the future.

  3. I actually read all of it! I do need to update my blog, but when I get home I end up doing more work or boosting! I'm going to have to get my shit together and fly out Minnesotee way and get hammered with you fucks it's only natural - and the McLovin comment lol awesome

  4. That was a long but entertaining post. You seem to be really tired while writing it but I like the randomness of it. Almost inspired me to start writing my blog again...almost ;).

  5. A beer or two? If Silva and I are there it will be more like a case or two!

    Your comment about my blog inspired my new post. Check it out.