Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadly Premonition Down, New Targets in Sight

At long last, the agony of playing Deadly Premonition is over for good. I completed my 3rd playthrough, doing them in reverse order of difficulty, so as I got sicker of the game, it obligingly became easier. The information you may read about the game taking 60+ hours is wholly incorrect. I beat the game, on Hard, while going for every card, in 35 hours, and I was WRITNG the guide while doing it. Those with the benefit of guide will do it faster. The last two playthroughs take 7-8 hours if you press start to skip all dialogue and only do story missions. So, 40-50 hours is probably accurate, 60+ is not. Oh, and you very likely won't enjoy any of it.

At least I can take pride in adding another obscure completion to my tag... one that is worth almost 3,000 TrueAchievement points LOL.

With that junk behind me and added to the TIT pile (stands for Trade-In Trash, but I'm sure Silva will love the acronym) I'm turning my sights to polishing off Bioshock and Blacksite. In Blacksite, I've spend some time kill grinding, and now have the achievements for 100 and 200 kills with every weapon. I know I'm over 400 kills with the Assault Rifle and Scatter Gun, so I have just 4 guns to go. Kill grinding is every bit as boring as you'd imagine it to be and I'm looking forward to being done with that. HOTBA starts boosting the game this Thursday, which I'm looking forward to as it'll be quicker and more point-rewarding than Fracture was.

This afternoon I spent 40 minutes trying to get into a match of Bioshock without success. 40 minutes! Clearly the community of players for this game has already died down so far that it's going to be very hard to get to rank 40 legit anymore, so I've been calling out to everyone I can to join with me to fill up a room. I want to finish off the MP so I know a full 1k is achieveable for me before running through the game again on Easy to pick up what achievements I missed when I played on Hard.

In between those games, I've been working on FFXIII, which my brother has to give me crap about every time he sees me playing it. At first it was, "You won't finish FFXIII before FFXIV comes out." (It should really be FFXV that counts, as XIV is going to be an MMO.) Today, it was "You won't 1k that game before Duke Nuke'em Forever comes out." Harsh bro, harsh. And we'll just see about that.

Currently at 4 completions for the year, on pace for Bronze.

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