Thursday, March 11, 2010

Operation Hell Grind a Success!

Oh. My. God. I feel like a could roll over and die right now, but it's all (almost) over. I spent the vast majority of my day turbogrinding in PSU, in my bid to hit level 90 before the end of the MAG+ event. After all the hours of grinding away while watching TV to make it tolerable, I've finally hit the magic number, and just in time, as MAG+ will go bye bye in just a few short hours.

The insanity of this grindathon is second only to Warriors Orochi 2, but at least that game was worth 1000 total points. I'm at 49 hours of playtime to get to 90, and I still need to find a helper to take out Dark Falz 2 to actually get my achievement. That's a LOT of time to invest in hunting down 250 points...

I now have my copy of Fracture in hand, so I'll be getting down to that nonsense tomorrow with the HOTBA. How far will we get on those achievements? Given our track record, I'll probably have to finish it off by boosting myself at some future date, but we'll see. I think we need to find some word games or topics of conversation to pass the time... Turning Point was a little too quiet, and Fracture will take much longer.


  1. I am ready to go on Fracture. One thing that will be better is Fracture has better game play and graphics than Turning Point. But I sure hope we all can get motivated to grind out most of the cheevos.

  2. Congrats man. We need to get Fracture knocked out. Im going to start busting some heads and making people do push-ups!