Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CDS (Completion Deficiency Syndrome)

I grow impatient to pop off my next completion. I've been awful this year about getting games close to completion but not topping them off. I sit at three completions here in late March, which keeps me on track for Bronze, which was the absolute minimum standard I set for myself. Let's look at what I've "achieved" so far in my medaling mission:

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway: All I did was insert the disc in my tray often enough to unlock the last achievement. No real talent of effort required. This one was practically done already.

NBA Live 07: I logged in when there were 1000 people online. Wowzers. Considering the community effort necessary to obtain that achievement, I guess it should count for something.

Magna Carta 2: I'm happy about having another JRPG completion, and since this took about 48 hours to complete, I'm quite happy about this one. Of my three completions this year, it's the only one I feel a measure of pride in.

I find it hard to believe, but we're almost a quarter of the way through 2010 already. I feel I need to complete something, anything, soon to have much of a shot at getting to the more impressive completion totals without resorting to renting the really easy fare to inflate my total.

Metro 2033 I beat on Monday, and will have the review done tomorrow barring some unforseen misfortune. I'll have to play it again to get the large amount of achievements I missed, but some of those achievements are such a pain in the ass I'm going to wait until the achievement guide is 100% finalized before playing it again.

Tomorrow night I think I'll waste some time in PSU to see if I can find anyone to help me kill Dark Falz 2 for that completion. During the day, I'll work Deadly Premonition to advance one of my remaining two playthroughs (I really wish this crappy game had stacking difficulties).

I'm very close to done with all things single player in Blacksite, so I'm incredibly eager to get to boosting that baby. It really doesn't seem to be a tough completion at all if you're willing to put the time into it. I'll be riding the team a little to get cracking on this one early. If possible, I'd like to see us finish it within the first half of April, leaving the last half of the month as free time to go back to Fracture or Turning Point where possible.

Returns other game coulld happen. Regardless, I think FFXIII will be largely tabled until I think I've made some better progress on my goal.

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  1. Metro's achievements have been frustrating me too. I was very close to not even putting the disc in my console as I was getting annoyed with needing to figure out before I start playing all the stipulations that need to be taken in to consideration in order to not miss out achievements.