Friday, April 2, 2010

Decompression Time

This has been an exceptionally crappy week (disasterous may be the right word). Virtually all of that is work related, which I don't want to get into here, as I'd relive it in my mind with the retelling, and I'm writing as an escape hatch to get away from that.

Honestly, I'm lucky if I've slept 12 hours over the last four days. I get 3-4 hours of very poor sleep, then spend the rest of the night tossing and turning. Not good. It started seeping through the cracks a little during HOTBA's first BlackSite boosting session. I think I was rougher on Silva than his tardiness {work related} and inattentiveness merited (Normally Silva is a rock star in any boosting group, so I can't give him too much crap for one bad night). Our session went very well despite a few hiccups, with us finishing right where I wanted us to after the first session. Now, we just need flag captures and ranked wins, plus a few matches to retread for Silva.

Thankfully, I have the next three days off to clear my head and refocus myself, because my next three work days could actually be even worse. We'll see.

On Saturday, I need to take care of some things around the apartment, then I plan on settling in to a LONG gaming marathon of FFXIII. Late afternoon, I'll pack up and drive back to the parent's house, as I'll be with them for Easter on Sunday (you will not see me on Live that day). Monday, I'll be up early (no problem if I keep sleeping so poorly), driving my brother back to Eau Claire for college classes. From there, I return to Hutchinson. Total drive time: approx. 6 hours. I'll have enough time when I get back to chill for a little while, and lead session #2 of BlackSite before going to bed and seeing what fate awaits me at work on Tuesday.

In lighter news, Bishop and I are now friends for REAL. You see, we are now friends on Facebook (yes I have Facebook, but shun Twitter. Is that in any way hypocritical?). Everyone knows if you're not friends with someone on Facebook, you're not friends at all. It's like you practically don't even know each other... (that was sarcasm, just in case) The most interesting thing for me was to finally see pictures of the person behind the tag. A face to match up with the voice in party chats. How often we use Facebook as a means of communication is yet to be seen.

This means that Silva is the only member of the elite GSL 7 Champion (in our own minds) Hand of Thrawn team that I've never seen a picture of. Wait, I lied. I've never seen a pic of Derek either. Dark and Sabre both have theirs within their blogs. I've posted pics to this blog plus the video episodes. Now, I think Bishop has access to over 300 pictures of me on Facebook (361 now that I checked), it may be a good time to prune some of those. I'm already too easy to e-stalk LOL. Silva is NOT allowed to see the pictures of me and my college roommate Stefan. I'd be hearing crap from him in every boosting session until December.

Sabre and I are competing in Season 2 of "Survior: Achievement Edition" in the x360a forums. I'm not taking it seriously at all, I just though it would be fun. Any chance to prove to Sabre I'm the superior gamer. My e-penis (gamerscore) is more than twice the size of his, so this should be cake. I could use a little fun achievement rivalry. My former friendly rival, Ducky Dan, has fallen off the face of the Earth. Where we once were constantly within a few thousand of each other, I'm now stomping on his MIA tag with a lead of nearly 40k. I need to find someone with a similar score who comparing myself to would be interesting enough to spark a little rivalry.

Want another index of if you have a high gamerscore? If you've never met a person with a higher score, your score is high. Period. Ever since I passed 10k, I have never met a person with a higher gamerscore than mine. Yes, I have friends on live with superior numbers, but I'm talking strictly face-to-face meeting. It has never happened. Considering I'm ranked 8th in Minnesota on XboxAmerica, and within the top 1,000 in the US on MyGamercard, the odds of me running across someone with a higher gamerscore in normal day-to-day living are very slim. Frankly, the only way I see this statement ever becoming false is if I have the opportunity to meet up with Bishop or Silva (or jackanape if I have the opportunity to cross the pond for some gaming event).

Well, enough rambling for one night. I feel a little bit better now.


  1. Silva is probably the guy you see on the corner with one tooth asking for some food. So you've probably seen him before but just did not realize it at the time. I kid, I kid Silva. :P

    Interesting read and 361 pictures Thrawn. What are you a camera whore? I have only 5 on there and that's a lot for me. Anyway great post man!

  2. It's the same for me too and weird to think that I'm probably never going to meet someone face to face who has more gamerscore than me.

  3. Just sent you a friend request on facebook!