Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Price of 3D

For a long time, I've been wanting to upgrade my TV. My 36'' 1080i Olevia was the talk of the dorms when I bought it 4 years ago, and was by far the best TV I could afford on my limited college budget, but now I can afford, if I'm willing to part with the $$$, something a lot more impressive. The next few years is really the time to buy my dream TV too, as the number of expenses I have on a monthly basis aren't all that high.

Supposing I were to upgrade, I want a TV that is capable of 3D, but I have to wonder how big is 3D going to be? Very few games currently use it, though it's becoming increasingly common in Hollywood to have movies with 3D. Will TV networks be releasing 3D shows? I don't forsee much of that happening for a while, as watching TV in high def is still a long way from the standard for most people, so why jump again to 3D?. Networks won't want to pay the cost for to reach a currently niche audience. 3D just doesn't have much mass presence yet.

Then there's the cost. The Samsung model I've been eyeing up (55'',1080p, 240 Hz) is right around $3,000, which is hardly pocked change. Hell, that's more than Silva makes in a year. Add in that 3D glasses are around $200 each, minimum $100 for a good HDMI cable, and your Bluray player, and you're staring at $4000 investment for 3D functionality that is still years away from becoming mainstream (if it ever happens). My spider sense tells me early adopting on 3D really isn't a good idea. The current cost to amount of content ratio is horrible.

As much as I look forward to someday watching Avatar in 3D at home, and the possibility of 3D gaming excites me, it's too expensive to be worth forking over the cash now. My Olevia still has years left on it, so for now, I'm just saving away money for when that perfect 3D TV arrives.

Of course, if I'm OK living without 3D this baby is the way to go.


  1. 3D is the future but its still to early to make the jump IMO. Im going to wait another year before upgrading.

  2. "Hell, that's more than Silva makes in a year." - Great quote!