Saturday, April 10, 2010

Superfantastic Weekend

Yes, "Superfantastic" is a word. So I have said, and so it shall be. The weather has been in the mid sixties and sunny, with a light breeze. It's the kind of weather that can tear even a diehard achievement junkie like me away from the console to get outside.

On Friday, I had a FFXIII marathon, advancing the story by at least one full chapter. I played a little Avatar in there as a break. Friday night, my friends Ricky and Michelle came over (they're still here, as a matter of fact) and we've been having a great time. I helped Ricky powerlevel one of his characters in Borderlands, and managed to get the achievement for hitting level 61 in the process. I've also advanced to rank 31 in Bioshock 2's multiplayer... just 37,000 adam to go!

With a little practise, I got the last achievement in New Rally-X for earning 100,000 points. With that game completed, I'm up to 5 completions for the year. The full 200 fell for me in 60-90 minutes.

As is tradition, when I have guests stay over for the night, in the morning we have pancakes and find the shittiest movie on Netflix to watch. It has to be the type of movie that is so horrible that we can mock it from beginning to end. This time, the movie was called "Pervert" and is, quite fankly, too hilariously bad for words (and for the record, Michelle is the one who picked it).

I defy you to read this tiny synopsis of the film without laughing or saying WTF?:

When a chronic masterbator returns to his fathers ranch for the summer, in order to learn how to become a man, but women all around him start dying. Mr. Masterbator had a Voodoo spell placed on him that was supposed to make him sexually irresistable to women, but instead it has turned his penis into a creature that detaches itself from its owner's body and goes around killing people.

I shit you not, that's the plot of the movie. Definitely the type of super-bad trash worthy of our pancake tradition.

For a while, we spent some time in the park tossing a frisbee around, and walked the trail along the river. Dinner was pizza hut pizza, while we watched "Repo: The Genetic Opera." Ricky and Michelle were the only two in my tight circle of friends who hadn't seen it, and that mistake has been corrected.

Tomorrow will be another fun day as I'm challenging them both to Sonic speedrun competitions (we have 2 xboxes hooked up and 2 copies of the Sega collection so we can play simultaneously). May the best hedgehog win. There'll probably also be some bowling. When I only get one Friday-Sunday off stretch every six weeks, I have to make the most of it, and that's definitely been the case this weekend.

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