Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blacksite, Construction, and and Ebay City

I've been busy these last few days, and not just with work. On Monday night, I stayed up late with Xylo, Sabre, and Bishop to finish off Blacksite boosting, and just earlier today unlocked "look Upon My Works and Despair" to finish off the full 1000. That makes for completion number 6 this year.

I'm still plugging away at Bioshock 2's multiplayer, and I'm up to rank 36, with about 20,000 adam left before I reach rank 40.

The most time consuming project is the site construction work I've been doing over the last few days. At this point, I think very few people know exactly what it is (though I'm bad at keeping secrets), and I'm hoping it stays that way for about another week. At that point, we should be ready to start advertising it in earnest. It won't change the internet,but for those of us working on it, it's the start of something exciting.

(Note the new countdown timer on the right, it's there for a reason)

While I'm here, I thought I'd let everyone know I'm putting a few games (and possibly some other stuff) up on Ebay tomorrow as part of my desire to do a little spring cleaning and line my pockets while I do it. I'll post the links when the auctions are up.

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