Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Velvet Assassin 4 Sale, Sacred 2 incoming

I've been busy scouring the internet all day for information on writing jobs in the game industry, and the picture doesn't look great. Getting a writing job in the industry fresh from college is going to be very, very hard, but I will continue to try (of course I'm also pursuing more realistic entry-level options).

I just wanted to pop in and say that Velvet Assassin is on sale on EBAY, starting at $20. I figure Gamestop would give me about that right now, but I'm hoping for more. The game is pretty new. You can find the auction HERE.

EDIT: The Velvet Assassin review has been posted as well, and can be read HERE

...and I lied earlier. Your donations to the Nate Gillick Gaming Fund would be going towards Sacred 2, which I just got off of for $41. I love me a good dungeon diving hack-'n-slash RPG, and the Xbox 360 has virtually none of them (except Arkadian Warriors). I also know it takes quite a while to 1k, which in my current situation is a plus.

I'm removing Fallout 3 from the Four, as I re-completed the Broken Steel quest line, and got those achievements again. I'm not going to chase level 30 right now. Instead, I'll let it come naturally with the new DLC that will be coming.

1. Eternal Sonata
2. Banjo-Tooie
3. Dynasty Warriors Gundam
4. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred is going right into the four because I'll probably be reviewing it for x360a, as well.

Tomorrow I'm planning on seeing Terminator, and I'll try to have a more substancial blog post up. Right now I need a break from the internet =P

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