Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rule of Four Works... When I Want it to.

Been a slow week for blog writing, as I'm still trying to sweat out a 10 page religion paper (due tomorrow... have 4~ish pages).

Broken Steel review posted on x360a yesterday. Check it out! It's also linked on the right.

Anyone want a copy of Condemned 2? My auction for it on EBAY ends in 6 hours, and I have only one bit for a lousy $0.99. I'd have done better whoring it to GameStop at this point. Bid on it! Please? LINK

So far, the Rule of Four has been working great, but at the moment I'm at a sticky point on what it is / what I should be doing with it right now.

The current Four:

1. Perfect Dark Zero
2. Banjo-Tooie
3. Monsters vs. Aliens
4. Fallout 3
4. Velvet Assassin
4. Dynasty Warriors Gundam

Yes, I know I have 3 #4s there. That's the problem. I played Fallout 3 for Broken Steel, but I don't want to stop, and I'm not level 30 yet. I have Velvet Assassin coming for Review, so I HAVE to play that, and would probably do well to play it a bunch and then EBAY it while it's still really new. Dynasty Warriors Gundam is coming from Gamefly, and I've been looking to go back and complete that one for a while now. It's only at 75/1000, so cleaning it up will be very good for Operation Jedi.

For numbers 1-3. Banjo-Tooie is the only one I've wanted to play lately. M vs. A is there for clean-up, so I can EBAY that while it's still averaging $20 a disc. I've modified the Rule of Four so I can take a game out at 750 (retail) or 150 (arcade) as 75% is my standard of completion, not 100%.

I think what I'm going to do is make the current Four as follows:

1. Fallout 3
2. Velvet Assassin
3. DW Gundam
4. Banjo-Tooie

This will get me through my latest review and Gamefly. I'm going to cancel my Gamefly at the end of the month, so I can turn my attention fully to my too-large back catalogue, so I might as well get everything I can from it now. GF will return after I've finished most of that stash. Monsters vs. Aliens and PDZ will be put back in the 4 when Velvet Assassin and Gundam get finished. Yes, this is kind of cheating on my self-goal, but I want to have fun, and in a month, GF will be gone, I won't be busy with papers, and it'll be easier to actually stick to this goal.

Now to get back to that paper. Anyone want to write a 10-page paper on Buddhism and its relationship with the Chinese government over the last 100 years, so that I don't have to? Anybody? I didn't think so...


  1. None of those games are Gears 2. I'm disappointed.

  2. Gears 2 is a side project that is exempt from the Rule of Four. I'll be all over it this weekend, when I get this paper done...

  3. While your at it can you knock out a 2 page paper on prejudices in the work place. thanks!

  4. A good system. I try and work on one or two games at once until 1k, so at leats yours is a bit more flexible.