Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Gears Achievements Make Me Cry...

...because now it looks like I WILL have to hunt down level 50 again to get all the Dark Corners points... and I was SO CLOSE to level 50 when I lost everything! Just thinking about that game makes me ill right now, so I'm not going to talk about Gears anymore...

Instead, I thought I'd make a quick post highlighting my extensive back catalogue. After I'm done posting here, I'll be writing up the Velvet Assassin review, then getting cracking on researching work in the game industry, to see where I may have any hope of breaking in. Gotta start with the jobs you want most, then spread the sights out, right?

If I post Velvet Assassin on EBAY today, I'll include the link in tomorrow's post. Your bids will be going toward the purchase of Batman: Arkham Asylum =)

So, while I may not be raking in the cash at the moment, I have PLENTY to play. Let's look at the candidates, shall we?

* Haven't finished single player content/story mode yet.
** Have yet to even play!

Lego Batman**
The Orange Box* (finish Episodes 1 and 2)
Warhammer Battlematch* (groan...)
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts*
GTA 4*
EDF 2017
Eternal Sonata
Lego Star Wars II
Lego Star Wars: TCS**
Blue Dragon* (looking forward to playing Mystwalker's games again)
Losy Odyssey*
C & C 3*
Viva Pinata
Just Cause*
Dark Sector*
Soul Calibur 4
Deadliest Catch**
The Incredible Hulk**
Endwar** (double groan... I can't get voice commands to work for whatever reason)
Dynasty Warriors 6
Onechanbara (such a bad game!!!)
Dead Rising*
Spectral Force 3* (need that SRPG action!)
99 Nights**
Sega Superstars Tennis*
Assassins Creed*
The Darkness*
Infinite Undiscovery**

As you can see, I already have the next several months of gaming laid out for me, without ever having to spend a penny...

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