Saturday, May 9, 2009

Korn, Cogs, and Mutants

I finally handed in that mondo paper on Buddhism and its relationship to the Chinese government over the last 100 years... I finished the grammar/typo edit and printed it with a whopping 5 minutes to spare. That's either luck or knowing exactly how long it'll take you to write something... I'll let you decide.

I went with friends to see Xmen Origins: Wolverine, and I must say, it's not as bad as the reviews I've read make it out to be (they utterly shredded it). That said, it's still not very good. I'm not going to write a movie review here, as I really don't know how to write a good movie review, but will say that the script is terrible (any writer can see that). I haven't seen such a generic and predictable movie in years, full of extraneous characters who are there for the sake of being there, and villains whose motivations are very poorly established. This really is the worst of the Xmen movies, by a good margin. Unless you're a die-hard fan, play the game instead (Pants' upcoming review is pretty positive), or just rent it on DVD later.

After watching the movie and hanging out with friends for a while, I spent my evening playing some Gears. It was a relatively poor night of play overall, but I hit level 39, and I'm about 10,000 XP shy of 40. I'll probably be on playing that a lot today, and maybe a little Monsters vs. Aliens, as I really want that game done and out of my sight at this point. I've rediscovered how nice it is to play online with custom soundtracks. I've gotten in the (possibly) bad habit of not using my mic when I'm playing with randoms, as they are either in their own parties, or turn out to be incredibly stupid people that I have not interest in talking to. So, I spend the night playing Gears and listening to Korn, who I haven't heard in ages. Gaming it up and rocking out was a great frustration reducer. While I'm now done with college classes forever (only finals week remains) I've still got a fair share of irritations, which will be listed here as I knock them out (I've got the list and I'll be going Terminator on them through the summer, at the least).

Today is another deserved day of relaxation, I think. Besides getting the red-tape portion of my English Capstone finally done, I'm not doing any work today. Sunday, I have to study from my Religion final at 8am on Monday (2nd worst final time ever, after Friday night),and get started on the revision to my second short story.

Pop Culture week will roll out as planned, so look for some fun posts starting Monday.

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  1. some parts of Wolverine were OK (like anything with Liev Schreiber or Ryan Reynolds)... but almost everything else was oozing with cheese