Monday, May 18, 2009

...And so it Begins...

Sorry about the long delay between posts. It turns out finals weeks was NOT the time to try a special topic series. So many things came up, and my computer was so gimpy, that I just didn't have the time for it. I'm now officially a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, so the homework load is gone, I've moved back home, and now exist in limbo until I find a job... good times!

I'll have grad pictures up in a few days, and will also post any job updates here (some of you care ^-^). I also plan on resuming the Special Topics once I'm a little more adjusted to my new routine.

On the gaming front, I met a horrible fate with Gears 2. All my achievement progress went up in smoke. My level 44 rank went back to 1, costing me 400,000XP, and 9k kills on Seriously 2.0. I have absolutely no desire to play that game anymore. The 175 points I'm missing just aren't worth the effort. I'll be back for the Dark Corners DLC achievements, but that's probably it. I have enough other games to play.

To boost my spirits after having more than 48 hours of playtime vanish, I played through and completed Penny Arcade Episode 2, which was hilarious like Episode 1, though I felt the ending was somewhat weak. Is there ever going to be an Episode 3? I've heard nothing of it... I'll have to look that up sometime.

I've also managed to finish the Velvet Assassin campaign with 820 total achievement points, and I have no desire to go back for the remaining 180, as that would likely take me 2-3 more plays. No thanks. It was mostly fun, but replay value is near 0 here. I hit my 750 standard, so I'll call it a day. The review is forthcoming, and I'll have my copy of this game posted on EBAY soon, if anyone wants it. You could own a (tiny) piece of x360a history! lol.

After recovering my tag, I should now be able to get credit for the Broken Steel achievements, so I loaded up an older Fallout 3 save and have started that over... I love Fallout 3, but I didn't want to replay BS so soon. Oh well. I have a huge desire to rip into some RPGs, so I figured I'd start with the one I have closest to completion.

Now that I'm at a period of calm, I'll be better able to honor the Rule of Four. I've finished some of the games in it, and I'm gradually bringing games I punted out before they hit 75% back into the list. I'm currently stripping GoW2 of the +1 title, and I just don't want to start that over. In its place I'm naming Army of Two, as a co-op side-project with my brother. You may also see me online helping him with RE5. (It's SO NICE to have my Wingman back from Spain)


1. Fallout 3
2. Dynasty Warriors Gundam
3. Eternal Sonata
4. Banjo-Tooie
+1. Army of Two

Awating their return:
1. Monsters vs. Aliens
2. Perfect Dark Zero

I went to Gamestop and picked up Infinite Undiscovery, as I feel I'll be ripping into RPGs this summer (I need time-consuming games right now). That's the last game I'll be buying for quite a while, as I need to get through my considerable back-catalogue (and avoid spending money while I have no income). I figure I can still buy some games, but the money to buy any new ones needs to come from the sale of old ones (so bid high when I post Velvet Assassin, OK? ^-^)

That'll do it for today. I should be pretty regular with posting from now on.


  1. Infinite Undiscovery is good, but frustrating as hell. I gave up when i had to rescue some prisoners in like 10 minutes, and one part was pitch black with insta-kill traps on the floor.

  2. Congrats on the Graduation. The Gears news is a bummer...

    If no luck with the job hunt you can always join the ARMY! lol