Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank God for Podcasts

Three posts in two days... check the others, if you haven't already =)

Veteran Gear is on the books, leaving Seriously 2.0 the only achievement I need for the 1750. Slogging through the Brumak seen over and over again is a looong and boring process. How does one stay sane during this process? Make it something to do while actually listening to podcasts.

For this session, it's the Major Nelson podcast, followed by the Cheap Ass Gamer show. Last night I listened through the OXM podcast while grinding kills. This sort of thing will likely be a weekly deal until the achievement pops.

What ever happened to the Hand of Thrawn Podcast? I don't know. My co-host and our sound editor, Bishop, has had a lot going on lately of the not-fun variety, and therefore hasn't had time to edit the show. It's largely up to him when we get back into our regular taping and posting schedule... which has fallen way behind. RL comes first, of course. Rest assured, at least, the we plan on keeping that show rolling as soon as possible.

Grinding update: Taking a break after Major Nelson's show to eat lunch and watch a few episodes of Archer through Netflix watch instant. The show is great, especially if you liked Frisky Dingo, which I most certainly did. Major Nelson seems to have a pretty awesome show. There was a lot of great info and interesting stories, and they carry on the show with a conversational style that I wish we at the Hand of Thrawn Podcast could mirror, though they have an advantage on that as they're all in the same room -- where it's easier to trip over each other and not know if someone is going to talk when everyone is just running Skype.

Kills when I started: 17,200
End Kills: 31,850

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