Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fallen to the Dark Side

I said I'd never do it... That I was above such things, but apparently not. I've caved in, and fallen to the dark side. Nate Gillick, Xbox Live's ThrawnOmega, has a Twitter account. I've written an editorial about how much I hate twitter, and the vast majority of what I said there I still believe, but I think a balance point has been reached where the pros somehow outweigh the cons. For every tweeted pic of Eliza Dushku's left eye (a real tweet people), there's informative posts from other people.

So, I'm jumping into the rancor pit, and we'll see how long I can stay alive. Twitter posts will not and can not replace blog content, of that I swear, but they may serve as filler between posts. I'm only going to tweet if I have something important to say, or have some gamerscore accomplishment I feel the need to tweet out for that vain and pointless instant self-gratification.

Want to follow me? My Twitter account is, conveniently enough, ThrawnOmega.

1 comment:

  1. I got a Twitter account just for Free Code Fridays with Major Nelson. I haven't won a free code yet but I am bound to win sometime. By the way I could not find your account on twitter.