Monday, July 5, 2010

The 40 Hour Rule

I had a revelation a few nights ago. I've been spending a lot of my gaming time working on the long completions sitting in my back catalogue, and therefore been falling quite far behind in my medaling goals for the year. So, if I'm running a self challenge about completing games, why would I want to chase the tough completions instead of simply going after the easy crap?

So, to balance things out somewhat, I added a time component that makes some games count as worth more than one in the challenge. All games start as worth one. If a game takes 40 or more hours to complete, it is worth two, and gains an additional completion credit for every additional 40 hours after that. If something takes the equivalent of a full working week to finish, it should be worth a little extra, right?

How the scoring for this would work is that each game worth more than one is still counted as one completion, with the extra "credit" going to reduce the number of completions needed to hit each medaling goal.

The first multicredit game I'll be finishing is likely to be Gears 2. My most realistic estimation of the amount of time it's taken me is the 120 hour range, making it worth FOUR completions for my self-challenge. Later tonight, I'll be looking at me current list of completions for 2010 to see if any of them qualify for double credit.

Tonight, I'm listening to another episode of Major Nelson Radio while kill grinding in Gears.

Ending kill total: 39,050

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  1. You would probably enjoy the "In Game Chat" podcast. I don't mind Major Nelsons but IGC is great and completely unbiased. Just a bunch of guys that play games in the free time and are not apart of the industry. They do an episode a week and I've been listening for about 3 years now and love every one!