Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red Alert 3 Anyone?

I'm waving the white flag on the GSL. We're 20k back from first place. Essentially, we've got 4th place wrapped up and there's little hope of changing that. Frankly, I'm realizing I work too hard to spend my days off playing crappy games and not having fun with them. While I'll still play junk from time to time to boost my score, I think my GSL days are over. I can do some challenges, but 8 sustained weeks is more than I'm into.

So, since I'm tapping out on agressive scoring, I'm shifting into my 2010 play style of chasing completions, upping my overall completion percentage, and playing more of the games I own. To that end, I'm looking for a good coop partner for Red Alert 3, which I picked up new for $10 but haven't played yet (though I'm cracking it open tonight). I need a good coop buddy to complete the campaigns with, preferably on Hard to kill two birds with one stone. Any takers? Game's cheap! Someone with some strategy skills is preferred. I'll be blunt (and honest) enough to say I'd rather not game with someone who can't pull their weight (strategy games can be a cold bitch sometimes), but if you think you can hack it, give me a shout. I'm also bouncing through other games I own, snagging points as I go.

In other boosting news, if anyone wants to play waves 1-40 on Memorial or 1-50 on Nowhere in Gears 2, boost Wolfenstein, Command and Conquer 3, or Shadowrun, let me know.


  1. I'm up for Horde or Shadowrun boost anytime.

  2. Gamefly FINALLY sent me a game and it was Wolfenstein. So once I get it I'll be up for some MP in that game if you'll still need any help.