Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Overdue Update

What a month it's been. I've been so busy with work, and trying to relax and unwind when at home, that writing for this blog fell by the wayside. My scoring has slowed down considerably lately, cause I just can't bring myself to whore points after a 12 hour work day. We're also so far behind the top three teams, that I just can't see us getting back into it. The numbers those 3 teams are putting up is simply too good, and I don't have the motivation for a chase. If I knew 100% everyone on my team would absolutely bust their balls chasing the lead, I'd join in, but I don't see that happening.

I'm still working on scoring, just not as hard core. I have Mini Ninjas, The Clone Wars, Brave, GI Joe, and Rogue Warrior that I'm working through for points. At the same time, I've been slowly shifting gear into what my MO for next year will be. 2010 is all about completion, and adding more impressive points to my card. I'd like to have a better completion percentage, and actually finish more of those games I've already paid for. I'm also hoping to save up some cash by buying fewer games so I can buy a nice sound system for my TV, with a new TV around Black Friday next year (maybe).

One the completions front, I'm closing in on the 1125 in Borderlands. I only need to get to level 50, and get the Siren and Hunter achievements. I've also completed all the Special Ops achievements in Modern Warfare 2. One of the Firefight achievements I had left in ODST went down too. I could cross 200k without ever putting a new game on my card, so that's the goal I'm chasing. Of course, with all the good games coming out in 2010, I'll have to pick up some of the new stuff. However, since my local Family Video is so incredible about getting new releases, I probably won't have to purchase most of them.

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