Friday, December 11, 2009

I need a dedicated boosting group...

All the super elite achievement whores have one. You know, that same little group of people they always hang out and boost games with. I want something like that, but not nearly as hardcore. I've never cared about being near the top in the world leaderboards (though a couple genre boards would be sweet), nor does it matter to me to rattle out completions for a game the week it comes out.

What I'd like to do is get a group of people together who would agree to plan for and take down one game a month, two if we're in agreement on it. This group would be 4-8 members strong. We would each take turns selecting the next month's game on a rotating basis, so everyone gets to choose a game they want to boost, and everyone knows what the current and next month's games will be. This would give everyone time to buy the game or rent it, with plenty of time to schedule boosting sessions around people's schedules.

This structure would allow us to knock out some of the crap that requires boosting while still having a lot of time to pursue our separate gaming interests. With the right people, I actually enjoy a good boost every now and then.

Of course, I already have enough reliable friends to set this up, if they're willing to go for it and work around this structure. So, how about it, current and former GSL teammates? Other established achievement hunters I know? Interested?

Group activity would begin in January. I'm thinking the first game will be decided by open discussion/vote. After that, we'll rotate around in order from highest GS to lowest GS for picking games. Everyone remains free to make requests/suggestions, but the person whose turn it is would get the final say.


  1. Thrawn you can add me to this group. Starting in January is perfect for me as I had already made up my mind that I was going to push to 100k starting in 2010.

    Ive been playing casually for a bit longer then I intended and its time for me to get my ass back in gear.

  2. I see where your coming from about wanting to be in a boosting group, I see the top whores all boost with the same people and I too wish I could do that.

    I normally put my hand up to volunteer to do things with you but nothing usually happens from it so not sure whether or not I should for this. You have your GSL teams which should keep you covered, I've got one friend from Norway with whom I have gotten close enough with the boost anything which is good for me lol.

  3. Lately, I've said I wanted to boost stuff and then necer actually organized it. I'm a little tired of always being the person who has to run boosting sessions. The goal of this group is both to increase regularity of boosting, and hopefully make it so I'm not running the sessions every single time.

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  5. I'm interested in this as well, so you can add me to the group.

  6. I wouldn't mind being involved with something like this. I'm few completely over the Xmas period but in January it'll be generally only weekends I'm able to boost as I'll be back to my final year in Uni. If that suits I'd definitley be up for it!

  7. Im definitely interested in this if you'll have me.