Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surrendered to Temptation

I wasn't planning on it, but I broke down and bought ODST on day one. I figured, despite my brother's reticence to spend the cash, he'd be picking it up too, since he's 100x the Halo fan I am. Hopefully Firefight, which I have yet to try, lives up to the positive word-of-mouth surrounding it. I cooped the campaign on Legendary with my bro and some of his friends last night, and wasn't long, nor was it that challenging. I think the 4 of us cleared it in around 4.5 hours.

This morning, I went back and picked up all the audiofiles, so I have the collectables achievements. I also suffered through the Vidmaster: Classic achievement, which isn't as easy as everyone says it is. That first section sucks, but once you get beyond the first two Wraith tanks, it's managable. As I type this, I'm being a good samaritan and helping xRogue 5x get the 0 pointers in brothers in arms, while I basically sit here and type. No real effort from me, since I have everything.

Once this wraps up, I'm going to return to ODST and try to wrap up the 5 point achievements that litter the campaign, so the only thing left to do is Firefight and the Vidmasters. I'd also like to try to get a 6-person party together some time to try to boost as much as possible of the Halo 3 MP achievements in Ranked Lone-Wolves. Unless Firefight blows me away, I'll probably be pushing for all the achievements and selling ODST for as much a return as I can. Firefight may make me retract my words, but ODST just doesn't feel like a $60 value right now.

Can't complain too much about an easy 825 gamerscore so far, I suppose.


  1. I'm down for Halo Firefight or Halo 3. Just let me know when you want to do them.

  2. Am interested in Halo 3 boosting, chances are I won't get invited though lol.

    The buzz of Firefight is making me want to get to ODST. Never played Horde but it did look good, just never gave it the chance due to not being keen on Gears of 1.