Friday, September 18, 2009

Gamestop is Great... when they take my Junk

SO, I finished the full 1000 in Darkest of Days (my 51st completion according to my dashboard), and will be working on the review draft tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had to "enjoy" that game almost 2 full times to get all the points. Not too tough a 1k, but aggrivating.

I was incredibly eager to pitch this thing, since its trade value is as high as it'll ever be. Called Gamestop, they said they'd give me $15. I'm thinking, "I'll pass, I can do better on EBAY." But the guy wasn't done yet. They had this deal going where if you trade in for games, you get another $20. Games have to be worth just $2 to qualify. Well, I've got a lot of old GSL crap that probably won't fetch $2 anywhere, even EBAY, so this was a chance to snag some extra money for dumping my trash. Yes, I had to have an Edge card, but I actually think Game Informer is worth the $15 a year, so what the hell. Ended up getting $48 credit after that cost, so I'd say I did pretty good for loosing a lot of utter crap games.

With that credit, I got Night at the Museum for $10... I'll take the 1000 points, thank you. As for the quality section of my purchase, I was debating between Halo Wars, which would have cost me nothing, Mini Ninjas, or Batman. My love of Batman won out, so I picked that one up for just $20 cost to me. I thought it was a good deal for my trash. Of course, they also tried a million times to get me to preorder stuff, which was kind of hilarious. I have a Wal-Mart Associate discount card. I can get new games day one for at least $6 off the regular price, so why would I want to preorder? Can't complain too much though... Gamestop is notorious in my books for poor customer service, but this guy was actually pretty good. The only times I go into Gamestops are when I can take advantage of deals like this.

As much as I'm dying to pop in Batman, I'm currently working on boosting more RE5 with my bro. We both popped "Bring the Pain" tonight, and are hopefully closing in on 30 Slayer wins each, so we can move on to Survivors. We'll need 2 more for the team versions, but that's a problem for another day.

@JJB; all I can say is never try to select all and copy in blogger... everything goes to hell, and it then has to autosave right after, so you're screwed. Jurassic Parks posts were never deleted, that was a corrupted file, which amounts to about the same, I'll admit. I have those largely done, I've just been too lazy to finish them. Next time I hit my 3-off cycle, I'll look into finishing off some old projects.


  1. It's always good to trade in games you've completed or won't play anymore, I should do the same as I could get a new game from store credit.

    And okay Thrawn, look forward to reading them. :)

  2. Dunno if this got sorted or not but I only just saw your post (never got your PM either strangely). The GSL awards were not axed by choice - the site they were hosted on went down as Night didn't renew his subscription. He is no longer active on the site either so new ones are being made. You'll notice Pants lost his Deadpool sig too - which was hosted in the same place. Sorry for the slow response.