Friday, September 25, 2009

Paging any Firefighters... Um... Hi?

Do I smell bad? I shouldn't; I showered this morning. Thing is, I can't find a soul to play some Serious Firefight in ODST with. Everyone's playing it with someone else, already has the achievements and isn't interested, or doesn't feel like playing. Kinda makes me feel left out, doubly so since this is clearly the best part of the ODST package. (And the only reason I'd keep it after 1k) Since Bungie in their infinite wisdom deigned to NOT include any matchmaking for this, I'm at the mercy of having friends around who want to play.

Bishop has tried more than anyone else, but his connection has been pretty bad lately, lagging the game to a crawl, and disconnecting him. Not really his fault, but annoying nonetheless. (Hopefully that gets fixed soon buddy =P) And that brings me to Bungie's second Firefight failure... If one person leaves, the game ends. How is that fair to the remaining players? It sucks to suddenly have the plug pulled on a long battle. Players should be able to continue playing a man down if they so choose. If the host quits, change hosts... you do that already in the multiplayer... so why not here?

Firefight is the best part of ODST, and I have yet to have much fun in it. I'm almost foaming at the mouth to get a good 4-person team together and work on some of those map achievements. So, if you want to play some Firefight, send me a message. I want in on some of that action. Badly.

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  1. My connection's been bad due to all the rain we've been getting down here. It should be fixed now (rain finally stopped) so if you still need someone to play Firefight with I'll be on tonight.