Tuesday, September 15, 2009

REMINDER! 9/17 Brothers in Arms Boosting

This is a reminder that Brothers in Arms boosting will be on 9/17, starting at 8pm central time. You need to log in on this day for the 50 point dated achievement, so I figured since people will be popping it in, let's try to get some people for the 0-point MP achievements, to knock those out for the sake of true completion. (100% completion means every ACHIEVEMENT, not all the points. There is a major difference).

So far, I know Bishop is in. To unlock the achievements, a minimum of 4 people are required. Do I have 2 other takers?


  1. I would join you but I am taking my kids out that night. Thankfully I havent played Brothers in Arms yet so I am not going to have to wait for that cheevo.

  2. If you cant fill in the spots you can count me in... Ill dig through my pile of un-played games and find it