Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thank you, Penny Arcade. (Click the image to enlarge it if you're having trouble reading all 3 panels.)

My review for Darkest of Days has been posted on x360a, and is linked on the right. As you will see, I really wasn't a fan. In my tenure with the review team, only Onechanbara has recieved a lower score from me...

Day 2 of my current 3 day off stretch was a mostly effective scoring day. I say mostly because of L4D... but I'll get to that.

In ODST, I'm to the point where almost everything I have left to do is Firefight related, and I haven't been able to scrape a full 4 person team for it yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Instead, I managed to get enough people together for a major Halo 3 boosting session. Where we lacked people, we added guest accounts. At one point, my guitar hero controller was a character, though that thankfully didn't last long. The idea was to build a group equal to a play list's max, so it would be just us and no randoms. Using our complete veto power, we were able to rip through and get all the online achievements with a high degree of efficiency. It really helped that EVERY ACHIEVEMENT FOR A LEGENDARY MAP CAN BE UNLOCKED ON MYTHIC MAPS. If you didn't know that, you now do. A major time saver, that was. I'm now up to 1740/1750, with only 5 achievements left. I really don't want to go for the vidmasters, and getting a ranked overkill may take a century, but I'll probably suck it up and chase them eventually for the sake of completion.

With jackanape, Bishop, and Omega Deez, I went after some of the Expert campaigns in L4D, succeeding in only 1. The trick is to play on easy until the finale, then return to the lobby and switch to expert. After winning the finale, you'll get Expert credit. We had a cheap way to get on top of the plane for Dead Air, and a rock exploit for Death Toll. Problem is, I still died on Death toll, so I never got credit for it. I'll take the 30 points for 1 expert complete, since I really never expected to get that achievement anyway, but finishing Death Toll would have nice too. Oh well. I truly think I'll never max out L4D, so I'm not too broken up about it.

SInce I managed to find the strategy guide for Banjo Tooie, I loaded up my save on that and picked up a few jiggies. Eventually I'll get the 200 in that arcade title.

My days off have been extremely kind to my gamerscore, but I feel like I'm playing to damn much. My other hobbies need some love too, so I'm going to try to scale back the gaming tomorrow to get make some progress on a few other projects I have going on.

Silva, Bishop, Buck, Bionik... It was a pleasure boosting with you all as always.

By the way, I've noticed this for a couple days now, but you see that hit counter on the right? IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, thanks for the support and positive feedback everyone has provided since this blog started. It's been a blast to write, and I'm glad you've found some small measure of entertainment from it.


  1. Ha ha, fun times with L4D. I think Blood Harvest may well be my undoing. But we can go back and rip through them all for you and Bishop. No Mercy is amazingly easy and can be done on expert with one or two people, so with four of us you guys should have no problem. The rest we'll get to and we can even help you out with Nothing Special etc

  2. Jack and Thrawn I'll be down to finish off Left 4 Dead whenever. Obviously I would like to finish it before the new DLC comes out but if that doesn't happen it's not a big deal.

  3. how can you do the campaigns on easy and then switch to expert? wont that erase the save? where exactly would you go back to the lobby? thanks for your help