Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To My Brother

This post is in response to his comment. How much did that computer cost? I got my model for under $850. I didn't want to break the bank, but I'm thinking my weaker processor will limit how long I'm able to use this computer as a modern gaming platform.

I have an i5 processor at 2.4 GHz, 4GB ram, 64-bit operating system, 500GB harddrive, NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card, 1080p LED backlight screen. It will run Starcraft 2 no worries, and can handle Final Fantasy 14 (though not at highest settings). I'll have to wait and see how it handles FireFall next year.

As to convincing you to get Starcraft 2 or Dawn of War 2, it boils down to how much you like RTS games on the PC, where the controls aren't an issue. STarcraft 2 has a long, 29 mission campaign, in-game achievements, and robust multiplayer and social networking obtions, making it totally worth the $60. Just try not to think of all the beatings I dealt you in Starcraft 64 when you make that purchase. You'll be happy to know that when you cry uncle from losing on multiplayer, there's plenty of coop action to be had, so we could play that way.

Dawn of War 2 I have barely played yet, so I can't offer a compelling argument there. You can find the base game and expansion for $40 or less.

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  1. I have 3 other friends trying to get me to play SCII, so it's a strong possibility. And as for me crying uncle....we'll see about that. ;)

    Your processor is i5, so duo core, so you are at 4.6 ghz as well I think...unless both of your cores are 1.2. In the long run, your graphics card will hurt you more than your processor.

    I'll look into Dawn of War II a little first.

    Thanks for the update, bro.