Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Next Week is "Top 5" Week

So, if you haven't seen my last post, I am looking for feedback on what you'd like to see more of in this blog. So far DarkTharen is the only one to offer an answer, and that aspect of the blog definitely isn't going anywhere. EDIT: Just saw JJB's xbox live messages with similar sentiments. I will keep those comments in mind as I write more of my general gaming posts. Still, I want to go back to doing more with this blog than recounting what I'm playing and my thoughts, so next week is going to be "Top 5 Week," where, like it or not, I get my listmaking on.

Before you start groaning, I assure you these will not be yet another person's "5 best 360 FPS games" types list. No sir, I intent to get quite creative and random with these =) See the subjects listed below. I've tried to come up with lists I haven't seen in other places before. I shall be busily writing my next rotation off so I can get these posted daily.

Monday: Obsurd Game Mash-ups (proposed, not actual)

Tuesday: IPs that need to become games, or game IPs that need to branch to other media.

Wednesday: Awesome sequels that will never happen.

Thursday: Day OFF

Friday: Worst game ideas I could actually see someone making.

Saturday: REAL places that would make GREAT game levels

Sunday: Top 5 Dumbest gaming decisions I've ever made. Yes, I'll be giving you the chance to laugh with me... or at me. Your choice.

How does this list look? Who is excited for next week?


  1. Sounds pretty damn exciting to me. I'm especially looking forward to Thursday's "Day off" list!

    Well, I guess I should point out that that was a sad attempt at a joke, because I just reread it and realized that it might seem somewhat offensive. But really, I'm looking forward to your creative lists :)

  2. Looking forward to the dumb mistakes, haha.

  3. Although most of your readers just enjoy the pure gaming randomness, such as your completion goal where you try to reach Godlike status or doing a PSA about people who want to charge you to get gamerscore, these lists will probably not be too far off what your usual content (pure opinion).

    I will admit, Im with Flufferwuffer, I think Im looking forward to that Thursday post the most