Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abandoned on Reach

You know, I'm feeling like the kid who always gets picked last for dodgeball here, and it's rather stupid. I, like pretty much everyone else on the planet with an xbox 360 and $60 to spare ($40 really if you buy from Walmart), picked up my copy of Halo Reach on Launch day.

I've currently spent more time in the multiplayer than the campaign. What? Seriously, I'm enjoying Halo's multiplayer. That's NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. There's something different about this one, and now the admiration I've always had for Bungie's stat tracking and how they keep things interesting for their community is actually grafted on to a game I have been having fun playing online.

Except that I'm the last kid picked for dodgeball. All of my friends are in full parties or in coop games with other people. Except for some limited time with Bishop, I've been playing solo (extended an offer to Xylo, who passed). I tried to join my brother for some Halo antics tonight. The kid should have been elated. When was the last time I VOLUNTEERED to play Halo? I'll give the audience a hint: I've never been to one to extend invitations or ask if I could join a game of Halo. Pretty positive tonight was the first time.

"Am I cool enough to join this party?" I asked jokingly.

"I don't know," My brother says, "I'll put it to a vote."

There's a moment of silence, then someone says "Nope, I don't think so." Silence. No confirming or denying response from the bro.

"Well fine then." I leave the party, figuring it's a joke and my brother would invite me back in and we'd game. There was no invite. There wasn't a message suggesting when would be a good time. Hell, he was even cooping with someone else last night, no invite or word of explanation. What the hell? I've been intentionally holding off on the campaign because I thought we were cooping it. That's what we've done for every single other Halo game (except Halo Wars... that one I just did with DarkTharen since I don't think my bro was ready or interested in diving back into it).

Am I being a drama queen and blowing things out of proportion? Probably. I mean, Halo Reach has only been out for just TWO DAYS. Still, playing solo with a bunch of silent idiots, or loudmouth assholes, just doesn't stay fun for very long. I'm sure I'm getting all male-PMS-y about it, but that rejection to join pissed me off.

If I can find a posse of people who want to play online and have fun, where we actually chat and play like a team, I'll be logging a good amount of hours into Reach. If not, I'll probably say f*** it as soon as I've squeezed the gamerscore out of it and go back to Starcraft II. Maybe sooner. I've enjoyed the game so far, but not nearly enough to spend time shopping Bungie's forums for people that I'd enjoy playing with.

So, who's in for some REACH?


  1. Man, I feel sorry for you. I know that if I didn't have my boyfriend to play with me, I'd be a lone wolf too. He's the one with all the friends on Xbox live; I just tag along whenever we play.

    I would totally invite you to play with us, but my skill level is probably waaaay worse than yours, and my boyfriend tends to kind of be one of those loudmouth assholes you mentioned online. Not quite sure why, but his personality totally changes when he puts that headset on.

    Flufferwuffer @ Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. Just a little bit of a drama queen.

    I wasn't party leader (thus, not my choice), and I was playing with my hardcore halo group where we play to win. If we were just playing for fun, you would have been welcome to join. Also, not all of them, but one of them in particular is an absolute dick to people who play with us if they start to suck. You would not have enjoyed yourself in my group.

    That said, I did feel bad about it. i know you want to play reach with me. And you will, don't worry.

    As for saving the campaign, we never really said we were saving it. So I played it. It's not like we had ever made a verbal "I solemnly swear to save the campaign" so naturally being the halo nerd that I am, I played it. This doesn't mean I no longer want to play the campaign with you, on the contrary I can see myself playing the whole campaign several times, especially since there are commendations for it and it is easily the best halo campaign ever.

    I'm sorry that you felt ditched last night. Please keep in mind that these are the people I've been playing halo with since Halo 2, and we've logged thousands of games together. It is sort of a "clan" thing, and because we're hyper-competitive you'd kind of have to "prove yourself" in order to play with us in competitive matchmaking.

    If it were firefight you'd be more than welcome. And I'd be happy to play competitive matchmaking with you when I'm not with my group.

    Again bro, sorry about the hurt feelings. I completely understand your "last kid picked for dodgeball" sentiment. You're still my wingman and my #1.

    --Your bro

  3. also I didn't say "I'll put it to a vote." I said "I'm not party leader, not my choice."