Monday, August 23, 2010


I just kicked (no, punted) someone from my friends list on Xbox Live, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to put the rest of you on notice, though I don't I'll have further problems with this.

Here are the two messages I receive, which I have smashed into one for ease of reading:

Hey everyone- I have now started doing achievements for other Xbox Live users in return for microsoft points. If your not into that then please ignore this. However, if u want an achievement real bad thats either too hard for u or u just dont want to-
spend the time to get them then im your man. Also since you are my friends u each get a discount- the people that i do this service for will remain nameless unless otherwise requested- also bring me 4 customers and u will receive1600MS points 4 telln ppl!

If you EVER send me one of these types of messages, here is what I am going to do to you (and am working on for this individual):

*Not necessarily in order*

1. Remove from friends list
2. Block Communications
3. I take screenshots of your messages, and pass the word on to Microsoft enforcement, and I'm sure this is against terms of use.
4. Avoid you in Xbox, and report from within the system.
5. Is your friends list visible? If so, I will take the time to send each one of them a message about how bad an idea that is, and how you should be avoided.

Don't send me these messages. Better yet, just don't engage in this behavior. Hell, by saying he won't name his clients, this idiot even know what he's doing ins't right. /sigh

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  1. I've had a few messages like this, they're all been strangers though. I have to ask how you even managed to get someone like that on your friends list in the first place haha.