Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cameron's Avatar Completed

Finally! It's been a while since I completed every achievement in a game. As I sat down this morning deciding what I wanted to play on my first day off work (the day I refuse to do any work and just relax), none of the games I've been currently working on had any appeal to me, so I flipped through my biner of games and stopped on Avatar. I love the movie. I'll be seeing it in theaters again when it releases this Friday, no doubt. I was reasonably close to done, with just 2 areas left in the campaigns before I burned out on the game last time, so I figured I'd give it a whirl and see how far I could get.

Completing the campaign for the Na'vi wasn't too tough, but hunting down the last A-Pods for the sector challenge achievements wasn't fun at all. Despite the bad reviews this game has gotten, I quite enjoyed it. I picked up the game new for $20, and feel I got $20 worth of entertainment out of it. Of course, if I'd paid $60, the feelings of enjoyment I have now probably wouldn't be the same. You could do much worse than this if you're looking for an action game to kill a weekend with.

Due to the amount of time needed to sleep-grind the multiplayer games, and the fact that I rented a second copy at one point to boost myself, I'm calling Avatar a game worth 2 completion points, as the sum total of all play (or AFK grinding) exceeds 40 hours. This is my 9th completion this year, with 11 completion points in my annual self-challenge. 1 more point and I achieve bronze... My goal is Silver. You can track my progress in one of the boxes down on the right.

After listening to the Major Nelson Podcast and Apocalyptica's excellent new ablum "7th Symphony" while kill grinding in Gears 2, I stand at 86,250 kills. I'm growing ever closer to Seriously 2.0 and the FIVE completion points I'm declaring Gears 2 worth (I truly believe I've got over 160 hours of playtime total in that game).

Through Molneze, I discovered a site that will make tracking how games fit into my 40-hour rule much easier. Check out The site lets you follow friends and send messages across multiple gaming networks, and keeps track of how many hours you've logged in any game (it's not retroactive, of course). I'm using it to track how much I've played games now, and creating some fake gameplay sessions through manually adding hours to bring the total in line with what in-game timers are telling me. I won't do this for every game, but the ones I'm still working on or care to have represented on the site will be gradually updated until the gameplay totals are correct. If you've ever wanted to know how much you've played a game, this site is for you, as it'll work with everything, and it's a better indicator of what games you've truly played the most. (360voice's counter of days played isn't the best. Which is more, playing a game one hour on ten different days, or 4 hours on three different days? Since raptr measures actual time, it's much better)


  1. oddly enough i had the same conversation bout raptr yesterday when i tried to find out how much time i spent on that one achievement in geo wars 2 (23 hours) but noticed ive spent over 100 hours in final fantasy 13 and i just dont think that is very accurate

  2. Woah, where to start, you've mentioned a few topics I am interested in.

    Firstly I just got off of playing Avatar to come read this blog, bit of a co-incidence haha. I agree that the game isn't bad and actually enjoyable, worth the £10-£15 it can be bought for. Since I liked the film I have been able to enjoy the game much more than someone who hasn't. Anyway I won't blab about this, congrats on completing it, I hope to follow suit soon (although the online shall be frustrating).

    Raptr is also a great site I've been on for months now and I love it. I can tell you that Bayonetta took me 42 hours to complete and GRAW 2 was 41, they are statistics I love to know. Raptr IS accurate, people just forget that going to toilet breaks and pausing to look at achievement guides still adds to the total time. I try pretty hard to always boot to dashboard as I get paranoid with my statistics. If I don't then I try to make a mental note.

    Thing is a few years ago a site called was much better. It kept a record of how long you spend on each game (same as Raptr) but also recorded at what time of the day you played the game for. It was nice for me to know I had played Game A for 2 hours from 1 until 3 and Game B for 3 hours from 4 to 7 (an example).

    Anyway I have wrote way too much, probably my biggest post on a blog ever haha.